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Stunning wife of Russian billionaire oligarch Ilona Stolie becomes a jeweler

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Ilona Stolie released her debut jewelry collection. Society lady, the wife of the deputy of the State Duma and one of the main fashionistas of the capital opted for minimalism and provocation. 

Ilona Stolie released her debut collection of jewelry and starred in an advertising campaign.

Secular ladies like to try they hand at various occupations. Some are photographers, while others - the owners of fashion stores, and others open beauty salons. Ilona Stolie decided to go the other way. On February 8, she shared on her Instagram picture from the photo session, dedicated to the release of her debut collection of jewelry. Ilona knows a lot about jewelry. There are a lot of rare pieces of jewelry in her collection, world's fashion-media write about. A story of Harry Winston 13-carat diamond ring, lost in the club, was discussed in the media for more than a year. 

Ilona did not want to invent sophisticated name for her creation and named brand quite simple - "By Stolie".

As a brand name, the collection itself turned out very concise. No pretentious design, bright colors and decorative elements - thick hoop earrings in yellow gold, miniature crosses and wide ring, decorated with diamonds. The most unusual pieces are steel chokers that need to be sticked to the neck.





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