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Kristina Romanova kicked out Ilona Stole from the celebration of her birthday


Kristina Romanova kicked out Ilona Stole from the celebration of her birthday In Ibiza.

A party was held in honor of the birthday of Kristina Romanova, the wife of billionaire Vladislav Doronin. 

“Firstly, I congratulate Kristina on her birthday. And I am also aware that it is ugly to come without an invitation. Of course, I did the wrong thing. But Kristina's reaction discouraged me.

I didn’t come to her house to help blow out the candles on the cake, I didn’t sit at her table during the holiday lunch. Let's not forget that Hi is a noisy nightclub. It's rather naive to expect complete privacy when there are thousands of people around on their ears to Black Coffee.

There were our mutual friends with whom I talked. Dancing quietly in a corner. In a modest black dress. It's a good thing I didn't wear a light green Mugler suit (see photo). I would probably have been kicked out by the hair. And the next morning, God forbid, I would also have barley jumped up!

To one of her mutual friends, Kristina suddenly began to hiss: “What is Ilona Stole doing here? Let him leave." Sorry for crashing your table! I usually get paid to come to the party!

Who is she anyway? I heard exceptionally good things about Volgograd - open, kind and sincere people live there, unlike Kristina. They tell me: "Kristina is such a model, Doronin's wife." I personally do not know either such a model or the fact that Doronin has a wife.

Moreover, all this showdown would be worth it if after half an hour the party had not come to naught. Everyone yawned, stared at their phones, and then generally dispersed. Boring people. But I'm glad that in the end my friend Danya Che and I danced happily alone. How many times have I arranged birthdays, during which the comfort of the guests and the warm atmosphere were most important for me. Even at the chamber celebrations that Misha Druyan threw up for me, there were people whom I did not call and did not know. But it would never occur to me to poison the evening with scandals. I wish Kristina to be a little more relaxed in her personal new year.”


And Arian Romanovsky: “Let me remind you: Vladislav Doronin rented a VIP zone for his girlfriend right behind the DJ console. That evening, the breathtaking beauty Ilona Stole in the most fashionable Saint Laurent bow had fun in the club. At some point, she ended up at the table of Kristina Romanova - she danced in the company of their mutual friends.

According to rumors, this seriously angered the birthday girl. She, not embarrassed in expressions, made it clear that she thinks about what is happening. Made several attempts to put Stolye behind the fence. It was as if there was an unknown techno cobra in front of her, crawling to the VIP table for a free gin and tonic.

Kristina did not give her comments, but some guests have already joked about this topic in their accounts. “Officially invited,” writes Inga Rubinshtein “We are the lucky ones,” echoes Herman Larkin.


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