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Famous Russian jewelry designer: Ilgiz F


Famous russian jewelry designer Ilgiz Fazulzyanov is called a "King of the enamel." More than twenty years ago, he has mastered the technique of this jewelry material, and since then the enamel has become an integral part of his precious works. The products under the brand Ilgiz F. are extremely expressive, colorful and unique - even the master himself could not have done two identical pieces twice. Brand "Ilgiz F." is founded by the talented artist-jeweler Ilgiz Fazulzyanov. His talent is confirmed by numerous awards, as well as the conclusions of the high experts, designers and jewelers from around the world.

Few jewellers ever look at seagulls and jump at the chance to render them precious. Panthers, hummingbirds, butterflies and scarabs all rightfully earn their place on the designer's bench with their easy beauty and nobility; seagulls are oily and despotic-looking, glaring sideways from yellow eyes. Few icwellers, that is, until Russian cnamellist Ilgiz Fazulzyanov watched a flock of birds spiralling over an icy lake and saw the beauty in the sharpness of their wing tips and soft greys of their plumage. He then captured the scene in a detailed pair of earrings, with diamond-set clouds and slices of aquamarine for the freezing water.

Fazulzyanov’s oeuvre is a modern take on Art Nouveau, the intricacies of nature crafted into jewellery at his Moscow workshops. A swan brooch is gorgeously gothic - the wings alone took four months to paint - and an amethyst ring is surrounded by snowdrops. Blush-pink blossom earrings are artful in their 3-D completeness, and swallows dive through diamond rain in a graphic pendant. Perhaps more than any other contemporary designer, Fazulzyanov creates pieces that feel like miniature treasures worthy of a museum. It is no surprise, then, that the Kremlin will host an exhibition of his work this Spring. And what makes this apt? The last time the honour was given to a living jeweller was more than 100 years ago, the name on that occasion was surely Fazulzyanov’s spiritual grandfather: Russia’s greatest goldsmith, Carl Faberge.

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The purity, rarity and exceptional brilliance of his works have made Ilgiz Fazulzyanov the most honored jeweler in the world…Famous for his skill in enameling, Ilgiz uses this rare technique to add a personal touch to his work. The delicacy of the lines is counterbalanced by a precious stone, sublimated by a crimping sparkling diamonds. Each piece is entirely hand made to the highest quality.

He is the only Russian artist whose works are sold at Christie's auction, and Bonham's. His decorations you can buy in Geneva, London and Paris. Ilgiz is the only Russian  famous jewelry designer, who received a Grand Prix and the title “Champion of the champions” at the Hong Kong international jewellery competition. He is one of the best modern enamel jewelers and the author of many new jewelry techniques.  

Since 1992, the company "ILGIZ F." has taken part in more than fifty exhibitions around the world from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Ilgiz Fazulzyanov and his brand have won prizes in almost all major competitions in Russia and abroad.

BEFORE SKETCHING out the ideas for his first collection, jewelry self-taught designer Ilgiz Fazulzyanov immersed himself in the world jewellery heritage, scouring the archives, studying the pieces in the museums…

All jewelry techniques he develops by his own, and he is not afraid to use a combination of different styles and trends, as well as any materials for the realization of his ideas.

Famous russian jewelry designer and master, with a capital letter, Ilgiz makes everything by himself - from the sketch to the finished masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the diversity of the world around him.

He grew up on the banks of the Volga, in the most beautiful places where nature was inseparable from everyday life. As a child he learned to absorb the beauty of nature, to accumulate it. Each of his creation is inspired by nature and the world around him. To pay homage to nature, Ilgiz transformed details of nature into precious jewels enhanced with grandiose gems: diamonds, sapphires, pearls…

His first prize Mr Fazulzyanov won for his pendant called “Bullfinches”. Pendant " Bullfinches ", which earned him the victory, was created, like everything, with love and passion. Ilgiz took the idea from winter park. Bullfinch for him is a symbol of winter life. When almost all the birds fly away, these birds live and do not feel the cold. Form of the pendant looks like the street light, that Ilgiz had seen in one of the urban parks.

Each product contains some grain of philosophy which is understandable to the buyer. “If part of the soul of the master is embedded into the jewelery, this can be felt. Buyers are looking for these things and they are sold easily”, - explains Ilgiz.

With opulent design and couture detailing, it is no surprise that famous russian jewelry designer "Ilgiz F." carries a cultural weight and his masterpieces are collected by admirers from around the world.

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