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Renata Litvinova wears diamond jewelry even at the countryside


Litvinova's followers already noted that the actress even on vacation looks stunning. Russian actress Renata Litvinova shared photos from the dacha. Yellow dress, live butterflies and diamond necklace. LENATA LITVINOVA SPENDS THE WEEKEND, LIKE MANY RUSSIANS, AT THE DACHA. IMAGE: GLOBALLOOKPRESS.COM

A well-known actress spends summer holidays at the dacha, like many Russians. The only difference is that Renata Litvinova looks stunning even on her garden plot.

She recently showed off her summer outfit. A beautiful summer dress is complemented by a butterfly of the same color. 

But the main thing is not even that, Renata's followers paid much more attention to diamonds. The actress wears noble jewelry even at the dacha. 

"You need to look great always", "Only magic people have such a magical moments", "and the dress is vintage, super!", followers noted.

Some still decided to throw some cold water on compliments: "I always wear a diamond necklace at the dacha!".

A little earlier Litvinova shared another photo from the dacha. A bouquet of wildflowers, which was surrounded by many butterflies, was appreciated.

The composition was unanimously recognized as a real art, but only users could not figure out: the butterflies are alive or fake.


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