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Maria Sharapova showed off the ring on the ring finger

Russian tennis player intrigued the public with unusual photos

Famous tennis player Maria Sharapova, who recently returned to the big sport after an eighteen-month suspension due to the reception of meldonia, surprised fans with unexpected photos. 30-year-old Russian athlete shared a picture of her right hand with several rings on her ring finger with no less intriguing caption: "Together with me", which is the name of the Thai series about the relationship of two gays.

Fans of Maria, of course, asked if the athlete was going to get married. Others started congratulating her with a momentous event.

Interestingly, just recently Sharapova commented on her personal life in the Katie Couric's talk show 92nd Street Y. The tennis player admitted that while she does not have a permanent life partner, because she has not yet met a decent man for the role of husband.   

Recall, Maria's last official lover was the Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. It was said that the couple was going to get married and even arranged an engagement, but in 2015 they parted. By the way, the sportsman, according to rumors, once was the lover of American Serena Williams, which only exacerbated the confrontation between the two athletes.

It is noteworthy that despite media rumors, Sharapova herself does not like to share personal details.

mariasharapovamariasharapova #togetherwithme

Her last rumored boyfriend was a Spanish male model Andres Valencoso. Maria and Andres have been sparking romance rumors after pictures of them together have surfaced all over social media. The photographers of the magazine Hola! managed to catch a couple in Paris: Maria and Andres walked around the city, holding hands and looked quite happy.

In September there will be a book of a tennis player - "Sharapova. Autobiography". It is expected that it will be able to shed light on some details of the personal life of the world-famous Russian woman.



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