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The new boyfriend of Maria Sharapova: Interesting Facts about Andres Velencoso

Last year, after two years of relationships, Maria Sharapova (29) broke up with tennis player Grigor Dimitrov (25). And the other day she was noticed with a new boyfriend – Spanish model Andres Velencoso (38). What do we know about him?


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Andres Velencoso was born on March 11, 1978 in the resort town Tossa de Mar (Spain) and is going to take up the family business - his father owned a restaurant. But as an adult, Andres realized that he wanted to become a model. After graduating from high school, he signed a contract with modeling agency Group Management Model. European fashion houses rejected him, he was too musclebound, and New York was the only city he fitted in. In 2001 Andres signed a contract with Q Model Managment, and a year later was already working with Banana Republic. In 2009, the site included him in the list of the top male models.


Personal life


In July 2008, Andres was invited to participate in advertising for Kylie Minogue’s (47) perfume. Almost immediately, the Australian singer and Spanish male model began an affair. With Kylie, who is 10 years older than Andres, he had been dating for 5 years. According to rumors, Velencoso even got tattoo with the name of the singer, but they broke up in 2013. Soon, the young man was noticed with the actress Ursula Korber (26) ("Party", "The Lost north"), but this time it did not work. Despite the unhappy love affairs, Andres has a reputation of faithful and caring guy.



Modeling career

Andres collaborates with well-known fashion brands: Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, H&M. He is known for his advertising campaign Louis Vuitton in 2003, when he starred with Jennifer Lopez (46), and Chanel Allure Homme Sport in 2012.

Acting career

His acting career has only just begun – Andres starred in films "Summer Camp", "End of the World" and appeared in the show "Word of mouth".


Andres speaks four languages - English, Spanish, French and Italian. Perhaps affair with Sharapova will inspire him to study Russian.


Maria Sharapova


For the first time, Maria Sharapova and Andres Velencoso appeared together at a Coachella music festival. A few days ago we saw them again on a date in Paris. The pair looks very happy.



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