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The new boyfriend of Maria Sharapova: Interesting Facts about Alexander Gilkes

His family does not belong to the aristocracy and the elite itself as a whole. Father - Jeremy Gilkeswas born on December 2, 1939 in Farnham, Surrey. In 1964 he graduated from the department of dermatology at the Medical College of St Bartholomew's Hospital with a degree Bachelor of Science. From 1964 to 1970, he was part of the medical service of the UK armed forces - an elite structure of the armed forces of Great Britain. In 1976 he graduated from the University of London with a degree of Doctor of Medicine. From 1976 he is a dermatologist at the hospital, "University College" (large London clinic at the Medical College, University of London). At the moment Jeremy Gilkes one of the leading UK dermatologists.

Mother - Robyn Gilkes was born on February 5, 1943 in Liverpool. For a long time she worked at the University of Oxford, Department of Russian and Eastern Europe. 

In fact, they resemble Middleton. People themselves make money and a name, providing a good start-up their children. "You can work hard and practice medicine, as I do, which is very difficult in many ways, but most importantly -. To do what you love then you will open any doors." - Jeremy Gilkes.

Alexander Gilkes was born on July 16, 1979 in London. Younger brother Charlie Gilkes born on April 9, 1985 

"My brother and I grew up in a very specific and interesting environment. We have learned from an early age to communicate with different people and build with them the correct call tactics. I want to hank my parents for this."

The whole family together. Фото Alexander Gilkes.

Alexander became interested in art in 1997 after seeing an exhibition of Charles Saatchi called "Sensation" at the Royal Academy of Arts. The special impression on him made Damien Hirst's shark and Tracey Emin's tent.

Alexander arrives at Bristol University where he studied Russian and Spanish. Later he arrives at Eton College where he met with William and Harry and became their close friend. In particular, he is moving closer to Harry. "If you do not learn good manners, you will not have a career and a lot more in my life. I respect people's privacy. I'm not trying to be popular at the expense of the royal family."   This is his response to the repeated requests of journalists to throw something such things about princes.

Sources say that the guy in the cow suit is Harry) 

After graduation, got in Quintessentially Group (a company providing concierge-level service and VIP). Then moved to France, studying French and worked for Louis Vuitton as the main auctioneer. In 2008 he became a shareholder of the New York Department of Phillips de Pury & Company - one of the most famous in the world of art auction house.similar to image

Charlie Gilkes ​​also studied at Eton and Edinburgh University. Founder of several clubs like Barts London, Bunga Bunga, Cahoots London, where enjoys spending time bohemians and royals. Is closed Annabel's private club. Pictures of Charlie Gilkes

In 2008, he dated Pippa Middleton. They renewed their relationship in 2010, but then separated again.

Pippa switched over to the older brother, but there was also a failure.

Pictures of Jonathan Peterson and pippa

On September 2014 in Italy Charlie married Anneke von Trotha Taylor Charlie Gilkes ​​and Anneke von Trotta Taylor

Pippa, Harry and Princesses of York were present at the wedding

Well, Charlie and his wife were at the wedding of Pippa. 

Фото Charlie Gilkes.Фото Charlie Gilkes.Фото Charlie Gilkes.

From time to time, Alexander's brother spends time in clubs.

In 2003, on at of the social events Alexander met a young girl Edwin Eklstvayt , which later became known as Misha Nonoo . He was 24, she's only 17.  "When I first saw him, I thought he was gay and German He was so beautiful and well maintained." - later recalled Misha. "When I first saw her, I thought  i had never met such a nasty teen. It is without doubt was love at first sight."

Photos of the first years of relationship.Фото Alexander Gilkes.

Grammy in 2008.Фото Alexander Gilkes.Фото Alexander Gilkes.

Misha was born in 1986 in Bahrain, and grew up in London. Her father - a native of Iraq, was in the public service and was familiar with almost all the royal families of the East, and her mother - an Englishwoman,who belongs to a small Scottish aristocracy. She studied at the European Business School, as well as in Paris at the prestigious High School of Foreign Trade.

Heroes in their youth.Фото Alexander Gilkes.

Along with him, Misha goes to France where he gained experience in the design craft, and in 2008 they moved to New York, buying apartments in Upper West Side. The couple became local trend setters and they regularly attended all kinds of events. In 2013, Misha as a designer became a finalist CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund. In the same year she visited Russia and takes the inspiration for the new collection. 

Apartment of creative people.

In 2010, Alexander founded and launched his own auction house Paddle8 , specializing in the sale of art. One of its major investors is the Russian billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenko and Marina Abramovich. Estimated annual income of Paddle8 is about a billion dollars. Two other co-founders (they pictured) is also available)

On the question of how in such a small period of time he was able to achieve such performance replied:  "Much more important is to determine exactly who can enjoy the conceptual picture, and who likes more a classic".Pictures of alexander gilkes

Alexander had long wanted to marry Misha, but she refused him twice. "I had no time for family life. At first there was a school, a university, then work and experience in the fashion world. It was not until I began to stand on my own teo feet, I accepted his offer." similar to image

On May 18, 2012 in Venice held their wedding. The wedding was attended by many members of the royal family and celebrities, Lana Del Rey entertained the guests. 




Princess Eugenia studied English literature and art history at the University of Newcastle and worked as manager at Alexander's auctions. "She loves and studies art. She was interested in everything connected with it. She's a good friend, a faithful colleague and a very hard-working member of the team."

It was said that Sarah would not mind to have such a son-in-lawPictures of alexander gilkes

But Misha's father didn't like her choice: he is a man of oriental customs and Alexander was no match for his daughter: in the pedigree, status, money, in the profession.  "I'm sorry that Misha's father was not with us, but I can not influence a person and force yourself to fall in love. I'm not going to run after him and prove something.I am self-sufficient man, and I can provide for my family all necessary. It is a pity, my father in law does not see it. "

Pictures of alexander gilkes

On September 2016 Micha announces divorce. Until now, the true reason is unknown. "They both travel a lot They are both wildly ambitious, and their marriage was a victim of these ambitions." - response to one of the tabloid. 

Someone said that Misha's father drove her husband away, someone thinks this is a PR move, but what someone thinks it's all about cheating. Misha allegedly fell in love with rapper Fetty Wap, but this information is unconfirmed. 

Well here is the Fetty Wap.

Just to make comparisons.

Alexander was very upset by the divorce and fully threw himself into work. Only once he mentioned this topic. "Divorce is a difficult test, but when you break up with a person with whom you were past 13 years it's hard. Misha was my first and only love at the moment. I wish her all the best and I believe that will love again .No now I do not ready for a relationship. " 

Misha said: "He was my first man, but suddenly I realized that I have never seen another men in my life. I was with him for 17 years, right from my home, I got to his house I've recently had.. lacked space. Thanks for all the wonderful years, but I do not regret that I filed for divorce. it was bound to happen. "

They were together for 13 years.Pictures of alexander gilkes and misha nonoo

Another famous lady chose a billionaire. That is to say, our colleagues. Kate Rothschild (older sister of James de Rothschild - husband of Nicky Hilton) married one of the richest man in England Ben Goldsmith. The pair lived together for 9 years and gave birth to 3 children. 

Pippa is also trying to build something with Ben.


Alexander began to attract celebrities in his company and it plays into his hands. For example, Jay Z was lighted. "I am very interested in personalities like Jay Z. They attracted new people to theworld of art"

Alec Baldwin.


Different girls and models.

"The most passionate art lovers -. Russian They occupy a leading place for investments in the art market. They have a lot of experience in this field and knowledge They do not like to be somewhat ignorant There are complexities... with access to the market due to the policy of our state, but online auctions have always come to the rescue. "

Now he is free and his dog is living together with him in his luxury apartment 


Фото Alexander Gilkes.

The auction houses often staff turnover. Now Paddle8 looking for new top auctions, appraisers and people, versed in the art. 

In total, he speaks Russian, French and Spanish (English well, of course). "My main investors - Russian. I have a special relationship with this country:. My mother taught Russian at a university, so I've read since childhood Russian literature. To better understand it, I began to study.. . language Russian cultureis played not the least role in my choice to be an auctioneer. I especially like the pictures of Repnin and Bryullov and wonderful work of architects Unfortunately, due to work, I can not afford a lot of free time, but when it appears, I.. will come to Russia again. By the way, my favorite cocktail Moscow mule. "

It seems that now Alexander started having affair with Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova. The pair was spotted together at Los Angeles' LAX airport.

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