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The new boyfriend of Maria Sharapova Alexander Gilkes conquered her by the fact that he learned Russian

British millionaire Alexander Gilkes speaks with an athlete in her native language

Maria Sharapova and British businessman Alexander Gilkes have been dating for several months. The pair were first spotted together in January of this year: the paparazzi photographed them at the Los Angeles airport when Sharapova and Gilkes were flying back from they holiday retreat. Masha's choice has already been approved by her numerous fans: 38-year-old Alexander is not only handsome, he is still very rich and well-mannered. Gilkes is considered one of the most enviable fiancées in the UK, is a member of the royal family and is close friends with Prince William and Harry. But he won the heart of Sharapova by not only this: it turns out that Alexander knows Russian well and speaks with Masha in her native language.

As the British Daily Mail found out, Gilkes acquired the desire to learn Russian from parents. His mother Robin worked for many years at the University of Oxford in the Department for the Study of Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe. Alexander studied in one of the most prestigious private schools in Britain - Eton, and there he, besides French and Spanish, also learned Russian. The young man planned that knowledge of Russian would be useful to him in his future career.

Gilkes is considered one of the most enviable fiancées in the UK. Photo: 

How did Sharapova and Gilkes start having an affair is not known: Maria does not comment on their relationship and does not give interviews on this topic at all. Most likely, they met at one of the social parties. Gilkes lives in New York, he is one of the founders of the auction house Paddle8 and sells works of art. He has wealthy clients, he is close friends with many celebrities: he is friends with Elton John and Madonna, Beyonce and Victoria Beckham. The state of Alexander Gilkes is estimated at several tens of millions of pounds sterling.

Unlike the 30-year-old Maria, who was never married, Alexander was already married. For 13 years he was in a relationship with designer Misha Nonoo. In 2012 they were married, and in 2016 - divorced. Misha is close friend of the star of the series "Force Majeure" Meghan Markle, and they say it was the designer who introduced the actress to Prince Harry and contributed to their engagement.

Previously, Alexander had been in the relationship with designer Misha Nonoo for 13 years. Photo: 

The state of Alexander is estimated at several tens of millions of pounds. Yes, Maria - one of the richest stars of sports. However, recently she is not very lucky: because of the scandal with meldonia and disqualification tennis player for the year lost more than $ 100 million.

Masha was out of luck on the court: in March she lost at the competitions in Indian Wells, then several times canceled her performances at different tournaments, including in Miami. One of the reasons - health problems: Sharapova worried about old injuries.

"Usually I do not talk about my injuries because it's part of the life of a professional athlete and we're just trying to deal with them," she wrote on Twitter in response to the accusations of fans disappointed by her absence at the competitions. - In recent months, I was worried about my left forearm, 30 minutes before the start of the first round match in Indian Wells, I was given a local anesthesia on this shoulder so that I could play a game without pain.

- If you think that I like to constantly do MRI, computed tomography, do injections, visit five doctors a month and withdraw from one of my favorite tournaments, I can say that you are mistaken, - wrote the athlete in the social network.

Recall, the last boyfriend of Sharapova was the Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov - they began to date in 2012, and parted in July 2015. Earlier the sportswoman was engaged to the Slovenian basketball player Sasha Vuyachich, but she broke off the engagement.

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