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Buzova celebrates her birthday in a dress with 350 thousand Swarovski stones


On January 20, Olga Buzova turned 35 years old, but the singer arranged a gorgeous birthday party only a few days later.

On January 25, the reality star invited celebrity friends and threw a grand celebration with a huge cake, celebrity performances and dancing. During the party, Buzova changed three dresses. First, she wore a white Artidesign outfit embroidered with feathers and Swarovski crystals, and Aquazzura sandals. Then Buzova appeared in public in a fatal red mini and a tight pink dress.


Among the guests at the party were Yana Rudkovskaya, Andrei Malakhov, Lolita, Ksenia Borodina and others.




“Happy birthday, diva! Be happy! We love you very much, your fans love you very much and support you, and the rest is not important, ”Rudkovskaya wrote on Instagram.

The producer herself later left the party with a scandal: she did not like the words of one of Buzova's friends about show business. Rudkovskaya took the microphone and scolded the girl, after which she left the holiday, the Super telegram channel reports.



During the holiday, the guests went on stage and congratulated Olga. For example, Lolita wished her "not to hang on herself everything that does not need to be hung." The evening ended with a huge cake and dancing. By the way, Buzova met this holiday in the status of a free girl: recently she announced a break with David Manukyan. The presenter was not ready to talk about breaking up with the rapper: It's hard for me now, because I take every situation that happens in my life very close to my heart. Especially when it comes to my love. And I can hardly stand on my feet. We will remind, for the first time information about the relationship between Buzova and Manukyan appeared in the fall of 2019. Buzova confirmed her romance with a blogger and showman at the end of December of the same year.

The TV presenter sometimes called the guy her husband, and he got a tattoo in her honor. Admire the bright exits of Buzova in the gallery. What stars make the same mistakes in relationships, read on the site.





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