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15-year-old daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel Deva unveiled her boyfriend

Luca Salandra and Deva Cassel

15-year-old daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel is back in the spotlight. However, this time it is not the girl's new career successes that are being discussed (recall that the shooting of a new Dolce & Gabbana advertisement with her participation took place recently), but her personal life.

Luca Salandra and Deva Kassel

A few days ago, Deva first posted photos on Instagram with her boyfriend. It turned out to be a model Luca Salandra.

The relationship between young people, obviously, began not so long ago - on Luka's instagram, the first pictures with Deva appeared last month. Some fans of Deva (and among those, judging by the comments on her blog, there are many Russian-speaking users) managed to find out that Luka and Deva have been dating for about six months. Now the couple, together with friends, as well as older sister of Luca, Leia, is resting in Saint-Tropez.

It is unknown how her famous parents relate to the choice of their daughter, but the new wife of Deva's father, Tina Kunakey, seems to support the copuple. Luca, like Deva, also has Italian and French roots. He collaborates with several modeling agencies, and before the pandemic he took part in shows during Paris Fashion Week.

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