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Blue performed at the wedding of the son of tycoon Chigirinsky

Wedding of Mika Chigirinsky and daughter of a businessman Vakhtang Pkhakadze took place at a castle, Zhavoronki event hall.

The eldest son of Alexander Chigirinsky - 25-year-old Mika married his sweetheart - the daughter of a reputable businessman Vakhtang Pkhakadze - Nata Pkhakadze. The wedding followed Jewish law and traditions: wedding ceremony, conducted by the Moscow rabbis, took place under a Chuppah, which symbolizes the new Jewish home being created by the marriage. Shortly before the wedding the bride had converted to Judaism. After the sacrament of the wedding the company moved to a huge tent built on the area outside the castle.

Photo: LifeCorr

One of the closest member of the family - the brother of Alexander Chigirinsky - Shalva was absent from the wedding. Scandalous oligarch is now awaiting trial in the US, where he was accused of "unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor." However, family troubles did not prevent relatives and guests from having a very good time. A touching love story of newlyweds was shown on the screens set up in the tent.

According to this story, Nata Pkhakadze met billionaire heir Mika Chigirinskiy more than three years ago. They spent together in love all vacations and holidays, and during the summer vacation in New York Chigirinsky Jr. made a proposal to his beloved. Young man gave her ring with impressive diamond in New York's Central Park, surrounded by looky-loos and squirrels chewing nuts. Groom adorned pavilion with lanterns, candles and placed in the form of rose petals the phrase “Will You marry me?”

Vera Brezhnev and Maxim Galkin were a party entertainers. Maxim interrupted the celebration of the birth of his children Lisa and Harry for a substantial fee. Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, pop rocker Ilia Lagutenko and the British boy band Blue entertained the guests. Blue is an English R&B group that formed in 2000, releasing their first hit All Rise in May 2001.


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Saying "Mazal Tov! I am a Jew too, let's drink vodka," lead singer Antony Costa demanded to bring him and his friends Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe wineglass with firewater. Slaking thirst, artists began performing “Fly by” song. After the first song the members of the Blue band couldn’t keep away from drinking again.

The climax of the show was the legendary song “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” performed by Blue stars, that drunk a whole bottle of vodka.

Wedding cake Photo: LifeCorr

Aras and Emin Agalarov, businessman Mark Garber, oligarchs Bazhaev Musa and his friend Alexander Mashkevich, restaurateurs Alexander Rappaport and Arkady Novikov and his daughter Alexandra and Olga Steep, Sergei Kapkov and Katie Topuriya with spouse Leo Geyhmanom arrived to congratulate the newlyweds and their parents. A close family friend Roman Abramovich was absent from the wedding: he sent his son Arkady instead of himself.

There were foods for all tastes: sturgeon, tender duck with arugula in balsamic sauce, Uzbek pilaf and shish kebab of all kinds. Confectioner Renat Agzamov also found something to surprise: his 200-killogram cake was decorated with special screens that broadcasted the newlyweds dance.

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