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A photo shoot with army of Pokémon of Anita Tsoy

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The game Pokemon GO, which has not yet officially released in Russia - has captured the imagination of not only ordinary citizens, but also celebrities. The singer Anita Tsoi told about her addiction to Pokemon. According to Tsoy, her collection of Pokemon is regularly renewed with the new creatures.

However, due to her busy schedule (Tsoy is now busy preparing for the show "10/20," which scheduled in October in Moscow) she physically does not have time to travel around the city in search of rare species of Pokémon. But Tsoy managed her way through a situation - her 24-year-old son, Sergei helps her to catch Pokemon. He is also engaged in collecting screenshots of the game with his mum and her Pokemons as the main character.

Tsoy is preparing to submit the collection of captured Pokémon as soon as the game will be officially launched in Russia - according to the singer, her "Pokemon army" will be happy to accept the challenge from colleagues in show business. The plan of the star is arrange a competition involving Pokemon battles between Russian celebrities.

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