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The son of Natalia Vodianova, Lucas Portman spends New Year's holiday with his father Justin

Justin Portman with his son Lucas

It's nice to be around the family for the holidays. And the former husband of supermodel Natalia Vodianova, Justin Portman spends holidays with his children: 15-year-old Lucas, a 10-year-old Neva and 9-year-old Victor. Children often visit his father, who mainly lives in Uruguay, and this time they came to visit Justin again. Lucas has already shared a touching photo with the father on Instagram.

"Vikings" - wrote under the picture the young man.

Justin Portman with his daughter Neva.

And Justin posted a gentle selfie with his daughter - in a picture shared to Instagram he is seen hugging the girl.

Recall, Justin Portman and Natalia Vodianova were married from 2002 to 2011. After her divorce from British aristocrat Russian model started dating Antoine Arnault, from whom she has given birth to two sons.

Lucas Portman

Neva Portman

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