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The son of Natalia Vodianova, Lucas Portman spoke about relationships with parents, plans for the future and work in the fashion world


The son of Natalia Vodianova Lucas spoke about relationships with parents, plans for the future and work in the fashion world

19-year-old son of Natalia Vodianova from her first husband Justin Portman Lucas became the hero of the new issue of Russian Vogue . In an interview with the publication, he spoke about his relationship with his parents and how his mother's work in the fashion industry influenced him.

Lucas admitted that, despite the profession of a mother and the fact that he was with her at fashion shows from the cradle, and he himself took part in them, he does not want to work in the modeling business.

I was called fashion baby since childhood - because I was always with my mother when she worked. <...> Do I see my future in the modeling business? Not. Do I like walking the catwalk? Highly. Ten seconds when you are in the spotlight is a wonderful feeling. Like a roller coaster when you go up and about to crash down - he said.


Natalia Vodianova with her son Lucas

Natalia Vodianova with her son Lucas Lucas' parents divorced when he was nine years old. He stayed with his mother, but he maintains good relations with his father and gets along well with his new family - his wife Morgan Snyder and their one-year-old son Leo James (Lucas also developed a warm relationship with his mother's second husband Antoine Arnault, from whom the model gave birth to two children ).

Lucas admires his father and calls him "Wikipedia man".

When I visited my dad in Uruguay, we put a box on the street with a flashlight inside, butterflies flew into it and could not get out on our own. In the morning we opened it, examined them and released them. We did it together with my father - he is obsessed with nature, he is a Wikipedia man, - he admitted.


Justin Portman with his wife Morgan Snyder, son Leo James and children from Natalia Vodianova Lucas, Neva and Victor

Lucas himself inherited his love for nature from his father. He noted that it is extremely important not to damage the planet and take care of the environment, achieving certain goals.

Millennials have realized that our planet has problems, and our generation is growing with the awareness that it is we who must change the situation for the better. The footprint we leave is important. The impact that we have on nature is important. And the fact that we are not ready to damage our planet in order to achieve success is the main thing that distinguishes the Zoomers from the generation of our parents, - he said.


Lucas Portman with his sister Neva and brother Victor

Now Lucas is actively thinking about education and his future profession - he is going to enter the Faculty of Economics at Brown University. With the idea of ​​becoming a designer (Lucas recently presented his debut collection of sneakers), he is not leaving and is going to take lessons at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Lucas Portman and Natalia Vodianova

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