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Should Natalia Vodianova have said "no" to Antoine Arnault?



There is too much talk about the wedding of a supermodel.

Last week, after the news of the official registration of the marriage of a supermodel and a billionaire was published, there were people who believe that Arnault humiliated Natalia with such a long (6 years) waiting for the wedding.

Natalia Vodianova's wedding, which took place recently in Paris, caused much more excitement than any fashion show with the participation of a supermodel. In the first row at the "podium" were thousands of critics, who hastened to condemn the model for the long-awaited marriage with one of the most influential businessmen in Europe, Antoine Arnault. “It’s kind of sad to wait six years after the birth of the first common child to invite you to marry.


Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault Photo:

"She could refuse purely out of principle, "- readers of news sites put themselves in Natalia's place. And they themselves answer: “And I would refuse to some average manager. And here, after all, the connections of one of the richest families in the industry, why lose them?" Let's analyze what is humiliating about the situation in which the supermodel finds herself?


Natalia Vodianova with children Lucas, Neva and Victor Photo:

The lovers walked to the altar a long way - bypassing financial crises, epidemics and other difficulties. Nine years have passed since the beginning of the relationship between Antoine and Natalia until new stamps appeared in their passports. During this time, the couple had children: Maxim and Roman. It would seem, what is unusual here? People meet, fall in love, live together, give birth to children, and only then go to the registry office - if they want to at all. However, it is Vodianova, a mother of many children, a super successful model who achieved everything herself, who is accused of winning the main prize in the show. Seriously? Do you think that the star of the world catwalks, the muse of the most famous designers in Europe and America, was obliged to marry a janitor to prove that happiness is not in money? Please note that Vodianova has a thin waist, but a thick wallet. She made a decent fortune herself, without pretending to be the checking account of the man with whom she dreams of growing old. The girl, who got from the sleeping area of ​​Nizhny Novgorod into the high society of Paris, did not go the easiest way and achieved tremendous success. Is she to blame for the fact that she married of convenience?


Natalia Vodianova and Justin Portman Photo: Shutterstock /

At the end of 2010, the model parted ways with the British aristocrat Justin Portman. Despite the handsome title, he actively (and even too much) led a secular lifestyle, but at the expense of his beautiful wife. Vodianova never boasted that she earns more than her husband, but quietly year after year provided for him and his relatives, and, of course, three children, whose presence, by the way, did not save this marriage. Yes, she did not save - she just fell out of love, and that's all. By the way, after her divorce from Portman, Vodianova started an affair with a Russian television director. Of course, he made good money, but you cannot call him a fabulous rich man. We will not mention the name of the man, because now he is happily married, and the relationship with the supermodel was secret. They did not last long, but here is direct proof that "Cinderella from Nizhny" is not at all a purse hunter.

From 2011 to 2019, Natalya earned about $ 5-6 million a year - of course, this is not so much compared to the income of her husband, whose father, Bernard Arnault, is one of the five richest people on the planet. But Vodianova had enough of this to buy houses for relatives, to raise five children and for charity. Her foundation, which saved the lives of thousands of children, is called Naked Heart, and probably for a reason. Natalia herself lives with an open heart, and she has enough wisdom not to make excuses in front of envious people, but to live the way she wants - in the regime “I don't want to be calculated, I want to love”.


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