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Natalia Vodianova moved to a luxurious house in the center of Paris

​​Наталья Водянова

Natalia Vodianova moved to a new house in Paris

The beginning of the year for Natalia Vodianova was very stormy. First, the model received a marriage proposal, and now she has moved to a new apartment. Accommodation is located in the elite area of ​​Paris. Natalia Vodianova is marrying the richest man on the planet.

On the first day of the New Year, top model Natalia Vodianova received a long-awaited marriage proposal from businessman Antoine Arnault, with whom she has been living for eight years. The couple had two sons - Maxim and Roman, but they were in no hurry to legalize the relationship. The lovers said that they were already satisfied with everything, and the stamp in the passport was just a convention. And yet, when fans saw the engagement ring on the finger of a Russian celebrity, they were delighted.

Apparently, before preparing for the wedding, the couple decided to think about a bigger home and bought a luxurious house in the center of the French capital.

“The Christmas omen just coincided with our move to a new house: a nest was accidentally found in the tree and I believe it portends all the good things that will happen in our family nest,” Natalia said.

Дом Водяновой поразил подписчиков

Vodianova's house amazed the followers.

She also wished all followers Christmas miracles, good health, happiness and love. The fans were very happy for the model, and also noted the chic decoration: high five-meter ceilings, panoramic windows, old stucco moldings and more. Other users admired the beautiful Christmas tree, richly decorated with colorful balls. "This is beauty, a real fairy tale", "Natasha - happiness to you, you deserve this house", "I look and envy in a kind way," they write in the comments.

Наталья Водянова с будущим супругом

Natalya Vodianova with her future husband

Recall that before Antoine, the "Russian Cinderella" was married to the British aristocrat Justin Portman, to whom she gave birth to three children. The couple lived together for almost nine years, but in 2010 they decided to leave. The businessman admitted that he was happy with Natalia, but it was hard for him to constantly be present at social events and glamorous events. It later turned out that one of the reasons for the separation of the spouses was Justin's addiction to alcohol. “I was becoming to her like an old and outdated Louis Vuitton bag, so I volunteered for a 28-day course at rehab,” Portman recalled.

A year after the divorce, Natalia met Antoine, who is the heir to the richest businessman on the planet Bernardo Arnault. The model admits that they have a lot in common and that they are never bored with each other.

Photo: Legion-Media, Instagram.

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