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Lily-Rose Depp admitted she suffered from anorexia


In the latest interview Lily-Rose Depp decided to discuss the state of her health.

The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis - 17-year-old muse of Chanel Lily-Rose Depp - made her debut on the cover of French Elle.

Today, she is as an independent creative unit and the star of the big screen. And a few years ago she was known only as a teenage daughter of famous parents:

Mom said she was constantly questioned about me in an interview. But more recently it was the opposite. Parents have always tried to protect me from the press attention and did not take me to a premiere or other secular celebration.

In the latest interview Lily-Rose Depp decided to discuss the state of her health. Excessive slenderness scared her fans and some of them have decided that Lily-Rose Depp is anorexic. As it turned out, they were not mistaken. The actress admitted she suffered from anorexia for a long time and critical comments in social media about her appearance depress her:

It hurts a lot and depresses me, because I have spent a lot of energy fighting the disease. I was much younger, when I faced with anorexia, it was very difficult to deal with it. All who are familiar with this problem, know how difficult it is to return to a normal life.

However, Lily-Rose had shown extraordinary perseverance in the fight against disease:

I have battled eating disorder for a long time, and am very proud of the results that I have achieved.

Lily-Rose Depp 

She answered a question on lack of a smile on her face. Posing for photographers, Lily-Rose is not even trying to look at least a little friendlier. And that's why:

If I wanted to show the world my cheerful side, I would not have to wait for photographers.

Lily-Rose maintains cold image.

She warns against attempts to understand her character based on publications in social networks:

The fact that people see my photos on the Instagram, allows them to think that they know me well, but they do not. The image on Instagram has nothing to do with a real person.

Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp



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