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Lily-Rose Depp about the role of Isadora Duncan, boyfriend, Cannes and parents

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The 17 year old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis went the prestigious Cannes stairs and told how it feels.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are very proud of their daughter, and not without reason: this year, Lily-Rose not only signed contracts with leading fashion houses, but also played a major role in the film, presented at the Cannes Film Festival in the competition program "Un Certain Regard". French movie "Dancer" is devoted to the life of the young Isadora Duncan, it is her who plays Lily-Rose.

While her mother sits on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival, and father plays in the next "Pirates of the Caribbean", a daughter for the first time - and without famous parents - climbed the stairs of the Palace of Festivals and Congress for the premiere of the film and shared her impressions.

Were you really worried?

- Of course. But I tried to switch off and not to think about how it all surreal - those extraordinary things that have happened to me. And all went well.

At least in Cannes you feel safe. Unlike in real life, when you're being chased by the paparazzi.

- Yes, they follow my parents and follow me everywhere, in Los Angeles and Paris. But I decided not to pay attention to the journalists. I am not going to be locked in the house forever. I do not let them ruin my life! At least the paparazzi have already learned that I do not answer questions about the mom or dad, and stopped to shout their names in my ear. (Laughs.)

You have a lot of fans already.

- Yes, I have 1.4 million followers in Instagram. I amazes me. Just thinking about all these people who had gathered in the room and discussing me ... The picture is surreal.

And after the movie their number will increase ... How you got the part of Isadora? You dance so well?

- It all started with dance. On the same day, when I went to audition, the director first asked me to prepare a dance. He briefly went out, and when he returned, I showed how I can dance. As a result, I not only got the part of Isadora, but even played without the understudy. The 27th of May is my 17th birthday, and this film is the most stunning present. I remember exact emotions only while participating in fashion shows.

When you first appeared on the fashion catwalk?

- My mother brought me to Karl Lagerfeld when I was only eight years old. Karl loves my mother, and she loves him back. I was incredibly lucky, because as a result I made friends with Lagerfeld too.

He even showed me a private apartment of Coco Chanel. It was an amazing woman with an amazing taste. The thing that impressed me most was a huge library, and the fact that Coco read all these books. A visit to her apartment left an indelible impression on me. So I decided I would try to connect my life with the fashion world.

But now you're going to pursue an acting career? I remember that your parents have repeatedly said that they would hate to see that happen to their children ...

- Parents understand me and try not to interfere. They give advice, but do not interfere too much. They want us with Jack (14-year-old Christopher John (Jack) Depp III, Lily-Rose's brother -... Ed) decide for ourselves what we deal with, and what we expect to achieve in life. And, of course, they want us to be happy. As for the movie, I did not plan it. But it seems that I took the bait. (Laughs).

What is your most recent experience you are willing to share?

- Before the Cannes my mother and I were in Cuba. It was the first show of the latest collection of Chanel house. The atmosphere in Havana is amazing. And the fashion show was held on the street, very nice and elegant. We were there together with my boyfriend Ash Stymest, male model from England. I would like to travel to this country, when I have free time.



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