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Lily-Rose dates boyfriend Ash Stymest against the will of Johnny Depp

17-year-old Lily-Rose Depp lives with a British model Ash Stymest

We wonder what fault Johnny finds with boyfriend of Lily-Rose. Why does he get annoyed with Ash Stymest? Moreover, the British model Ash Stymest terribly similar to Johnny Depp himself in his youth - the same rebellious spirit and rocker tattoos. It would seem that the actor should get along with the potential son-in-law. But the fact remains: a Hollywood actor does not tolerate the spirit of his daughter's 24-year-old boyfriend. Perhaps because Lily-Rose is only 17 years old, and, in her father's opinion, it's too early for her to build a family life.

As for Lily-Rose, she's totally in love with him.  The girl started dating the Englishman from the fall of 2015 - then she was only 15 years old. Couple was caught kissing on the streets of Paris. Then Ash has been quiet for a while, and it was quite a relief for Johnny. However, the other day lovers were seen together again at the airport in Los Angeles, and then in Paris.

Ash and Lily-Rose share common interests - after all, the girl is also a model, the "face" of Chanel's house. Ash, unlike a girlfriend, can not boast of such popularity. But he does not have a formidable Hollywood dad who would lecture him. And Lily-Rose has been lectured enough - especially since she had already moved in with her boyfriend, and lives with Ashley under one roof.

Johnny Depp's daughter is in love 


Besides the tender age of her daughter, Johnny Depp has another reason for concern. Ash Stymest has a reputation of a womanizer. He managed to get married and divorce, leaving his ex-wife Maille Doyle with a child.

Lily Rose is the favorite of the creative director of Chanel fashion house Karl Lagerfeld. The couturier entrusted the heiress of high-profile family with the honor of being the "face" of the main treasure of the brand - the legendary perfume "Chanel No. 5", and also invites her to every show of the next collection. At one of the defile the girl walked the runway with her mother Vanessa Paradis.

Lily-Rose is not at all eager to make a career on the podium. The girl is much more interested in cinema.

Although the young daughter of Johnny Depp has all the data to become a professional model, Lily-Rose is not at all eager to make a career on the podium. The girl is much more interested in movies. Recently Lily-Rose starred in a duet with Natalie Portman in "Planetarium",as well as in the historical melodrama "Dancer", in which she played the young Isadora Duncan. Lily Rose admits that she is not attracted to the singer's career, like her mother - she wants to act in films like her father. 



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