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Lily-Rose Depp is moving in with Ash Stymest

Daddy does not mind

Lily Depp and Ash Stymest have been dating since 2015, but they officially confirmed their relationship only this year. 

Lily-Rose Depp recently turned 18 years old, which means she has the right to decide how and with whom she should live, not listening to the opinion of her parents. However, according to the media, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis do not mind that their elder heir began an independent life. Especially since the girl has been datingher boyfriend, 26-year-old model and actor Ash Stymest, for two years and the lovers are ready to try to live together. The other day, journalists found out that the couple are now actively looking for a suitable house in Los Angeles.

Recently the paparazzi "caught" lovers who, together with a realtor, inspected the property, writes Daily Mail.

Recall that Lily-Rose Depp and Ash Stymest dated since 2015, but they officially confirmed their relationship only this year, when Ash flew to France to support the model at the Chanel show.

It should be noted that some Russian stars even more democratically look at the beginning of the adult life of their offspring. So, the singer Slava allowed her daughter to live in an apartment with a guy when she was just 16. The star explained this by the fact that lovers are happy together, and the housing they are renting is very close to the school where Alexandra is studying. Fans of the singer did not understand such loyalty to the upbringing of the heiress saying that this is too early for the start of family life. 



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