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Lara Lieto: interesting facts about Adrien Brody's girlfriend


More and more Western celebs are choosing Russian beauties as life companions: Enrique Iglesias (40), Bradley Cooper (40), Mickey Rourke (62). And this list grows every year. The Hollywood actor, the Pianist star and Oscar winner Adrien Brody (42) could not resist the charms of our compatriot . For three years the heart of the "pianist" belongs to the model Lara Lieto , which speaks of the seriousness of his feelings. That's what we'll talk about today.


The real name and surname of the actor's girlfriend is Larisa Tyaka .


The girl was born in Moscow , but has been living in Monaco for a long time , where she works as a model.


Lara is half Ossetian on her mother's side and Moldovan on her father's side.


The beauty adores her family. If you scroll through Lara's Instagram ( @laraleito ), you can find many photos of her mother, brother and beloved grandfather.


The girl's height is 175 cm.


According to sources, the model met the actor in Cannes during the film festival, and since then they have not parted. According to rumors, the acquaintance took place thanks to one well-known oligarch, whose name is not advertised. It is only known that Lara's father works for him.


Before meeting with the Russian beauty, Adrien had relationships with many women. At the beginning of his creative career, the actor met with model and DJ Sky Nellor , later the lady of his heart was actress Mona Mazur (39). He was also credited with romances with Halle Berry (48) and Keira Knightley (30), and the Spanish actress Elsa Pataki (38) became his penultimate choice .


During the events at which the couple appears together, Adrien never leaves his beloved one step, shower her with kisses and does not take her eyes off the long-haired beauty. Lara herself is more restrained, she only smiles in response to the numerous caresses of the Hollywood star and over and over again charms the audience with luxurious outfits and hair.


It looks like this couple has a real big love. In March of this year, the actor even defended the honor of his girlfriend. And it all started with the fact that in Las Vegas, right outside the Cosmopolitan hotel, five guys joined Lara. Alarmed, Adrienne intervened immediately. The showdown was stopped only by the hotel security. This act of the Oscar-winning actor has caused universal admiration.


If you want to take a look at the life of this mermaid in pictures, we suggest watching her Instagram ( @laraleito ) . By the way, she already has over 60 thousand subscribers. Not bad!


Judging by the photographs, the beauty pampers Adrienne with homemade dishes, including the famous borscht.


Lara's beauty ideal is the model Adriana Lima (34).


Like any model, the girl tries to eat healthy food, but sometimes she indulges herself with her favorite fast food.


Lara loves to ski.


The beauty is not averse to decorating her body with a tattoo. One already flaunts on her right leg.


Beautiful shoes are a huge passion of our compatriot. Check out her Instagram and see for yourself!




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