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From Natalia Vodianova to Natasha Poly: Famous Russian models and their partners millionaires

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They are not only beautiful and successful. Each of them has made a fortunate alliance. Top 5 Russian models, who have affairs with rich and famous millionaires. Not only Natalia Vodianova won the heirs of aristocratic families and fashion empires over…


Anne Vyalitsyna and Adam Cahan


30-year-old model Anne Vyalitsyna is known as Anne V. But one letter was enough for Anna to become the darling of fashion magazines and an object of desire for men with style. Like Natalia Vodianova, Anne Vyalitsyna was born in Nizhny Novgorod, she was noticed by a recruit of a prestigious modeling agency IMG Models in the street. Her career began at the age of 15. Having achieved significant results, Vyalitsyna realized the dream of many women - made a fortunate alliance with the millionaire. Anna had an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio, lead singer of Maroon 5 Adam Levine, she had a relationship with a famous basketball player Matt Harvey. But supermodel decided to tie her life to vice-president of the «Yahoo» Adam Cahan. In June last year she gave birth to a daughter from the top manager of one of the Internet giants. Anna named her daughter Alaska, thus securing the Russian-American alliance. Now model Anne Vyalitsyna is preparing for the wedding.

Natasha Poly and Peter Bakker

This 30-year-old Russian supermodel also had to change her name Polevschikova to more harmonious nickname Poly. Now Natasha is included into the list of 30 most sought-after models in the world. And once she was a 14-year-old girl who arrived at the model contest in Moscow. She was noticed immediately and justified all expectations. But Natasha is not the kind of models who have singled out promiscuity as their principal political agenda. At the age of 18 Natasha fell in love once and for all. She met Dutch millionaire Peter Bakker in 2003 on holiday in Courchevel and married him eight years later. Their elegant wedding in St. Tropez eclipsed all weddings of celebrities. Today, they are raising two-year daughter Alexandra Christina Bakker.

Victoria Bonya and Alexander Smurfit

At the age of 16 Victoria came from the Siberian Krasnokamensk to conquer Moscow. Now she lives in a luxury mansion in Monaco with her favorite man and beloved daughter Angelina Letizia ... This is perhaps the most significant breakthrough - from the reality show "House-2" into the arms of the heir to one of the richest businessmen in Ireland. Victoria did not even have to work the runway, gaining international recognition – she met 32-year-old Alexander Smurfit through her girlfriend at one of the Moscow parties. They started dating and it became clear soon that they started to get serious. But the pair didn’t legitimize their relationship, even though young people are engaged. Alex's family is not very happy that their only offspring found Russian girlfriend "of the people." 36-year-old Victoria has to prove that she is not worse than the stars and aristocrats, she persistently appears on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and at other status events, hoping to change the groom's family opinion of her.

Lara Lieto and Adrien Brody

This sophisticated brunette with long hair isn’t known in Russia. But the name of her boyfriend Adrien Brody is known not only by film fans. Oscar-winning actor and Russian beauty Lara Lieto (a nickname picked by Larisa Tyaka) have been seeing each other for 3 years. Lara was born in Moscow, but together with her family has long been living in Europe. Russian model met Brody in Cannes. According to press reports, Larisa’s dad works for a certain oligarch, whose name is hidden, thanks to her father Larisa got to the private party the guest of which was Adrian. The 43-year-old actor was considered as a heartbreaker. He has never been married. In 2007, during the filming of the movie "Manolete" in Spain, she had an affair with the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky. They were engaged, but separated, and Pataki married Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. Adrien fell in love with Lara at first sight and took her with him to America. Colleagues of Brody noted that actor is a very difficult personality… But Lara, apparently has the key to his heart. It is highly possible that 42-year-old actor will marry her. She'd be worthy of Oscar-winning actor: she has a charming appearance, intelligence and the ability to cook borscht that Adrian adores.

Anna Sergeevna and James Goldstein

73-year-old American billionaire James Goldstein had such a lot of girls. The money can add charm to elderly Lovelace, nicknamed "Crocodile Dundee" (because of his love for clothes made of crocodile skin). In recent years, he had an affair with several models: Dane Amalie Wichmann and Belarusian model Ilona Guzarevich were among of them. But they were eclipsed by Goldstein’s new 27-year-old companion Russian model Anna Sergeevna. The couple spends time at the luxurious resorts and luxury mansions that have been featured in a number of movies, including Charlie's Angels and The Big Lebowski. According to billionaire friends, leggy blonde Anna - the ultimate love of eccentric businessman and perhaps his future wife.

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