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Ksenia Tsaritsina told how to charm the oligarch

Xenia Tsarina told how to charm the oligarch


Model Ksenia Tsaritsina became popular after showing off an expensive 70-carat diamond ring that her husband oligarch gave her. A few days ago Ksenia shared tips on how to charm a rich man.

This summer model Ksenia Tsaritsyn and oligarch Alexey Shapovalov married. The pair has been living together for several years and has two children. Tsaritsina gained popularity after posting online photo of expensive ring that her husband gave.

Today, many women dream to live like Xenia. Therefore, the model is often asked about how to attract a wealthy man. Until recently Tsaritsina preferred not to answer questions of this kind, however, a few days ago she made an exception. According to Xenia,  to charm an oligarch is a matter of luck. And in order to attract the good luck, you should at least be well received in the society in which there are rich people. However, there is no guarantee that this or that woman will charm a rich man. Then the whole thing depends on the taste.

Also Tsaritsina shares the secrets of her family happiness. She is sure: you need to be yourself, friendly towards other people and be able to enjoy life. Xenia also noted, one of the most important things is external data and taking care of beauty.

Among other things, the model is trying to argue with a loved man, adapts to him, supports him in all his endeavors, praises and trusts him completely.

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