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Girlfriend of Egor Kreed starred in his new video

22-year-old star of "Instagram" Victoria Odintsova appeared in a new video.

In his new video for the song "I Like" Egor Kreed played a fatal seducer, not eternal lover, suffering from unrequited love, as his fans used to seeing him. The creation of the US operator Joseph Labisi starred lover of Egor - Victoria Odintsova. 22-year-old star of "Instagram" appeared in the video in all her glory: she showed toned body in the bed scene with her boyfriend. In one scene Victoria took off her seductive negligee, giving the viewer the freedom of imagination.

- Before filming the video "I Like" I nominated Vicky Odintsova. She has more than two million subscribers. She is truly one of the best models of "Instagram", - said Kreed.

Victoria Odintsova Still from the video "I Like"

Victoria Odintsova Still from the video "I Like"

As we found out, Egor Kreed and 22-year-old Victoria Odintsova fell madly in love during the filming of the clip "I Like", starring Odintsova. Young people liked each other, and soon fans began to notice Victoria Odintsova, who looks like previous girlfriend of Kreed, Xenia Deli, next to singer more often. By the way, in June, Kreed has been spotted with a new girlfriend on holiday in Greece, where they were seen by Russian tourists at the beach.


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