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Egor Kreed frankly spoke about the difficult partings with Daria Klyukina, Nyusha and Xenia Deli


Egor Kreed spoke frankly about the difficult partings with Daria Klyukina, Nyusha and Xenia Deli.

In an interview with Yuri Dud, Egor Kreed devoted a significant part of his time, savoring the details of his affairs with famous girls. In particular, the 24-year-old musician told how Daria Klyukina confessed her love to him, but refused to delete her Instagram, despite Egor's request. Xenia Deli was upset that Kreed did not want to demonstrate their relationship to the public, and she exchanged him for Justin Bieber, but a week later she drove up to apologize. Among the relatives of Nyusha, with whom Eegor had been dating for 2.5 years, he had a good relationship with the singer's mother, but, according to his assumptions, did not like him because of his small income.

About Daria Klyukina

On our first date, I asked her if she was ready to delete her Instagram. She said, “Yes, of course. I don't need any of this. " When the project ended, I looked from the outside at what she said about the other participants. I thought: maybe I don't know her like that? Then our relationship came to naught. Four months passed, and we met with her. She said she loved me and had great feelings for me. I asked, “Are you ready to delete your post on Instagram right now? And she told me: “Whoof, of course not! Why would I suddenly delete my post on Instagram? This is my audience! " I replied, "This is my audience."


Daria Klyukina and Egor Kreed. Photo:

About Xenia Deli

This is one of my best relationships. I met her on Instagram. After she passed the casting for Justin Bieber's video, we went to the cinema, and he called her on "Feisttime", and she didn't answer it. There was a moment when we went somewhere, I said that I was against public relations. She didn't like it. We were supposed to meet after that, and she stopped taking my calls. In the morning I was flipping through the feed and saw that Justin Bieber posted a photo, and I realized that this was my Xenia. I wrote to her that she's borderline and said goodbye. She said that she so wanted to teach me a lesson, because I had met my friend before. Then she drove up and apologized.


Xenia Deli. Photo:

About Nyusha

We had been dating for two and a half years or three. I think he (Nyusha's father. - Editor's note) disliked me. I had no money then, it was my first year on the label. I remember when I saved up money I bought her a laptop for her birthday. She has a wonderful mother, we still congratulate each other on the holidays. But the rest of her family didn't like me because I didn't have much money. The song "Beregu" was written when we parted with Nyusha, she simply told me: "I don't love you anymore."


Egor Creed and Nyusha

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