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Justin Portman about reasons of divorce with Vodianova: "Natasha was ashamed of me. I was like an old Louis Vuitton bag to her"


The British lord for the first time openly spoke about why their marriage fell apart.

The ex-husband of supermodel Natalia Vodianova, British Lord Justin Portman made an unexpected confession on social networks. On his Facebook page, the ex-husband of the fashion model spoke about the reasons for his separation from Natasha. Later, Justin deleted the publication, but the information has already become public.

Rumors about the separation of Justin and Natalia appeared in 2010, and in 2011 the couple announced a divorce. The couple separated after nine years of marriage, in which they had three children: sons Lucas and Victor and daughter Neva. Now 33-year-old Vodianova lives in a civil marriage with millionaire Antoine Arnault, the son of the richest man in France and one of the wealthiest people on the planet, the head of the LVMH fashion empire, Bernard Arnault.

According to 46-year-old Portman, he could no longer meet the too high demands of the model and maintain her glamorous lifestyle in the fashion world. Justin admits that in many ways their marriage was destroyed by his drinking, because of which he went to a rehabilitation clinic. "Life with Natasha was the greatest happiness I have ever known." Justin says.



“This is not a call for empathy and sympathy,” Portman wrote on his Facebook page. - I broke up with my wife after nine years of marriage, and for the first time she asked me for a divorce six years ago. Living with her was the greatest happiness I have ever known.

Justin admitted that the problems in their marriage began even before he started drinking.

- I knew it... My life was no longer in sync with her fashionable life. I thought she was ashamed of me. I became for her something like an old and outdated Louis Vuitton bag. Then I volunteered for a 28-day course in a rehabilitation center. It quickly became obvious to me that this was not where I should have been, but I decided that I had to stay there for the sake of my family.

Portman told what was the last point in their relationship.

- On the 27th day in the rehabilitation center - it was a traditional day when relatives and friends visited patients - my ex-wife told me that she did not miss me at all and was not interested in me returning to the family. I experienced a huge shock, I was very hurt ... 

According to Portman, he suspected that she cheated on him shortly after the birth of their second child - she had a short-term affair. However, she pretended to want to try and save their marriage.

“I have traditional English values, and she has Russian ones,” the lord wrote. - Everything was fine and wonderful, and suddenly, as if dead flesh fell off me at once.

Friends of Justin Portman commented to Page Six that such frankness is quite unusual for him - as a rule, he does not speak about his feelings in public. Justin Portman does not give any comments now, and Natalia Vodianova flatly refuses to talk about her husband's statement on social networks. According to Natalia, she still treats her ex-husband with sympathy and respect.



- My ex-husband is a creative person, he knows a lot, like a walking encyclopedia. It was terribly interesting with him ... - Natalya told Komsomolskaya Pravda immediately after breaking up with Lord Portman, - He is always cheerful, always the soul of the company, an interesting, bright person. I still treat him with great respect and awe. He is the father of my children, I will never say anything bad about him in my life. It just so happened ... I fell out of love with him, this is also normal. It happens, and falling out of love is not necessarily “for something”.

In one of the interviews, Natalya then told how her relationship with her husband developed after the divorce. According to the supermodel, her husband experienced their breakup so painfully that he did not even want to communicate with her lawyers on the topic of divorce.

“It was not easy, because the husband was not ready for a long time even to discuss this topic with lawyers, but now everything is in the past,” Vodianova shared, “We have joint custody of the children. Fifty fifty. If it were my will, I would have kept friendly relations with Justin, but, alas, this is impossible. Of course, there is no friendship between us, but all the same, my ex-husband will always remain a member of my family. After all, relatives are different, do not refuse them.

Not so long ago, Natalia Vodianova put up for sale the British estate in which they lived with Portman. Once upon a time, the couple acquired an estate in a picturesque corner of West Sussex. True, she rarely visited it: Natalya worked, Justin returned to his former habits of a British aristocrat - drunkenness and gambling. He, the youngest son in an ancient family, was not so rich, and his wife brought the main money to the household budget.

Portman himself has long settled in Uruguay. In this South American country, a star couple once bought a fashionable estate in the resort town of Punta del Este. Lord Portman personally supervised the construction and arrangement of their nest on the ocean. This process captured the wife of the supermodel so much that he flew to Uruguay with enviable regularity. Somehow the paparazzi caught the lord not with a roll of wallpaper in his hands. Justin was caught in a local nightclub side by side with a pretty blonde. Portman was sitting with a blonde beauty on a soft sofa, holding her hand and hugging the girl every now and then. Then he was still officially married to Natalia. The paparazzi somehow caught Portman in one of the nightclubs in Uruguay - he was hugging a pretty blonde. At that time, Justin was still officially married to Vodianova.



The Uruguayan city of Punta del Este is considered one of the best resorts in the world. Celebrities love to relax here - from Robert De Niro to Uma Thurman. The resort is famous for its democratic atmosphere, so it is not surprising that Justin feels much more cheerful and free here than in stiff London.

Natalya says that she is grateful to Justin for the fact that he never put obstacles in her way and gave her the opportunity to travel with her children anywhere. And the holidays of the children are divided equally into those spent with their father and mother.

- It is important for children in the first place. They have a very good time with Justin, they come happy, satisfied, rested. It's great that he lives in such a beautiful place, in Uruguay, in a resort town. Everything is fine there - both the ocean and nature, - says the supermodel.

Natalya, after breaking up with Justin, found her happiness with the rich Frenchman Antoine Arnault. Together with a beautiful lover, he also got a difficult mission - to raise her three children. However, the businessman got down to business with enthusiasm and does not shy away from the duties of his stepfather. According to Natalia, Antoine and her children easily found a common language. For the sake of her beloved, Vodianova had to move from London to Paris and take Lucas, Neva and Victor with her, sending them to a French school. To the question - how does her chosen one feel about the fact that she has three children, the supermodel answered:

“He accepted it, and I respect him for it,” Vodianova told Komsomolskaya Pravda. - I think it's very noble of a man. Although my kids are great! The current chosen one of Natalia Antoine Arnault quickly found a common language with her children. Photo: SPLASH NEWS

Vodianova's chosen one is the son of Bernard Arnault, one of the richest people on the planet, who owns the French concern LVMH, a manufacturer of luxury goods under the trademarks Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Guerlain, Kenzo, elite Moët & Chandon champagne, Hennessy cognac and many other famous goods. According to Forbes, Arno Sr. is worth $21.5 billion. His son is the CEO of Berluti, a luxury men's footwear and leather accessories company. On May 2, 2014, Vodianova gave birth to Antoine's son, whom the couple named Maxim.

Natalia Vodianova has been among the ten highest paid models on the planet for several years now. In the Forbes-2015 rating, she is in fifth place: over the past year, the Russian woman earned $ 7 million. 




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