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Natalia Vodianova's mother revelead Real Reason Behind Split with Justin Portman



Supermodel and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova divorced British aristocrat Justin Portman in 2011. After 10 years, the reason for the end of their romance became known.

Her mother Larisa Viktorovna told about the divorce of the model and the British peer. She became a guest of the show "Tonight" with Maxim Galkin. Vodianova's mother does not hide the fact that she is impressed by Portman. The British aristocrat, at the first meeting, was able to win the trust of Oksana, the younger sister of a supermodel, who has suffered from autism and cerebral palsy since childhood. Vodianova's new husband seems to Larisa Viktorovna "tough".

According to the model's mother, the British peer was a polite and empathetic person. The family life of Portman and Vodianova did not work out, because the celebrity tried to go forward. The supermodel worked hard and gradually she became bored with her first husband, who was accustomed to leading the measured lifestyle of an aristocrat.

“No one has ever worked in his family. Natasha is the first woman in this family who earned money, ”shared Larisa Viktorovna.

In early February, Natalia Vodianova became a victim of bullying by showing an “honest” selfie photo without makeup. Her Instagram followers were able to see the mustache in the picture .■



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