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The collection of toys in Timati's apartment can cost several million dollars


The 38-year-old singer boasted of a new home and a collection of expensive bears in which he invests

Timati has recently completed renovations in her new Moscow apartment and boasted unusual interiors, as well as a real toy gallery. Yes, yes, at 38, the singer still plays bears. True, he considers this not just fun, but a real investment in the future. For 10 years he has been collecting art toys from the Japanese brand Bearbrick. The singer is buying designer 1.5-meter bears from limited editions and plans to hold an exhibition in Moscow.


One of the dolls was presented to the singer by another well-known collector of plastic bears, Karl Lagerfeld.

The cost of bears ranges from a few thousand to 9 million rubles (for single items or collaborations with other brands, such as Channel or Mercedes-Benz). By the way, following the example of Timati, the son of Yana Rudkovskaya Sasha began to collect designer bears.

At auctions, the price of rare bears reaches half a million dollars, so in a few years bears will become excellent capital, just like bitcoin. 



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