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Why Timati's 600-meter apartment is considered strange in terms of interior?


The singer lives in the center of Moscow. The apartment of the popular rapper Timati of 600 square meters is located in the center of Moscow. However, experts consider it strange because of the interior. Timati's apartment. Photo: Muz-TV Timati's apartment.


Photo: Muz-TV

The fact is that the housing of the 41-year-old artist is literally littered with Bearbrick dolls. Bearbrick. The rapper is an avid collector.


Timati's apartment. Photo: Muz-TV


Timati's apartment. Photo: Muz-TV

“I spend most of my time in the living room,” Timati admitted to Muz-TV for the program “You can’t forbid living richly: the secrets of star mansions.” “Therefore, I do not save space, I have a gigantic one.”

By the way, Timati dolls are expensive. Ordinary ones cost from 60 thousand rubles, exclusive - from 200 thousand. The entire collection of the musician is estimated at 2 million rubles.

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