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The soloist of the SEREBRO band celebrated the new album with candid shots

Recently, 25-year-old Daria Shanina left the band due to health problems. The producer Maxim Fadeev announced the immediate audition for a group. The famous actress were auditioning for the group, but the luck was with 22-year-old Kate Kischuk. Fadeev announced that she became a new soloist of the group SEREBRO.

Now, the group presented a new album, which became the first record for the last 4 years. The album is called "The Power of Three": it includes 16 tracks, some of which were written by a former soloist.

Previously, the team has already presented their first track in the new composition titled Chocolate. According Kate Kischuk, the work on the first song for the group was not easy, but she enjoyed the process.

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Member of the group Olga Seryabkina celebrated release of a new album with candid shots, which she shared on Instagram. Fans appreciated the idea, and sexy figure of Olga.

Meanwhile, recently a soloist of SEREBRO took part in a spicy photo shoot together with Kate Kischuk, for which this was the first experience in a team.

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