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Xenia Deli's ex-boyfriend Egor Kreed and all his girls | List of Women Egor Kreed Dated


It is rumored that soon Egor Kreed will be the protagonist of "The Bachelor" show. The singer will once again look for a lady of the heart. We decided to recall all of Egor's girlfriends and make a kind of hit parade of the best of the best. We think you will agree with us. 

The fifth line occupies the actress Miroslava Karpovich, who starred in the "Starlet" music video.  It is said that relations started on the set and lasted six months. True Kreed could be Miroslava's younger brother than boyfriend. 

In fourth place model Diana Mellison with which Egor also attributed the affair. The pair looked very harmoniously. Joint shopping, selfie from the morning bed, dinners, parties, concerts. 

Third place receives a model Victoria OdintsovaTheir affair began after the shooting of "I like it." music video. They say that Victoria did not like Kreed'sbusy schedule and left him.

Silver gets the daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk - Anna Zavorotnyuk, but Anna was too young to have such a stellar guy. Today Anna and Egor are good friends.

Then there were Victoria Dayneko and Xenia DeliIn October 2015, Russian media called Moldovan model Xenia Deli his girlfriend. The couple exchanged tender messages in social networks, calling each other "darling". After the separation with Kreed Xenia married 62-year-old Egyptian billionaire.

But the greatest star-crossed romances was relationship with singer NyushaThey were called the most beautiful pair of show business. The Prince and Princess of Russian show business. The pair had to separate because of different views on life, so the two try to avoid this painful topic.

It turned out, that Nyusha is in a relationship with Igor Sivov - General Adviser to the President of the International University Sports Federation. Chosen of the singer is originally from Kazan. The man was married and had two children from the first marriage. In the early 90s Sivov was a member of the KVN team "Four Tatars". Sivov often flies to his native Kazan, as well as pays a visit to Switzerland, where the headquarters of the International University Sports Federation located. According to Nyusha's surroundings, she has always wanted to meet an adult and a strong man, she can count on. Sivov is wooing girl and presents her huge bouquets of flowers.The two got married in August this year. The wedding took place in the Maldives.

Who is currently dating Egor - is unknown. According to rumors, it was Molly, but they say everything is not easy with Bella Hadid, but then he will look for a bride at "The Bachelor".

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