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What does the father of Renata Litvinova's only daughter look like?


Ulyana Dobrovskaya, the only daughter of Renata Litvinova, is already 19 years old. Ulyana has grown up to be a real beauty and is already making her first steps in cinema. Let's see what her father looks like - businessman Leonid Dobrovsky. 

Renata Litvinova, 54, is a famous actress, screenwriter and director. She cannot be confused with other representatives of the film industry, thanks to the created vivid and memorable image. The languid and unusual Renata has always had many fans. She met her first husband, film producer Alexander Antipov, while studying at VGIK. Having met only a couple of months, Renata and Alexander got married, but after a few months they divorced.


Renata Litvinova and Leonid Dobrovsky

The second husband of Renata Litvinova was a very wealthy businessman Leonid Dobrovsky. Leonid settled his beloved in a mansion on Rublevka, presented with jewelry and indulged all the whims. They got married in January 2001, and in July of the same year they became the parents of their daughter Ulyana. But not everything in their family life was smooth, Dobrovsky was very jealous of his bright and popular wife. The situation was complicated by conversations about too close relations between Renata Litvinova and singer Zemfira.


Zemfira and Renata Litvinova

Renata Litvinova and Leonid Dobrovsky divorced in 2007. The divorce turned out to be scandalous, the businessman wanted to sue his daughter from his ex-wife, but nothing happened - little Ulyana remained with her mother. Gradually, the former spouses were able to forgive each other's past grievances, they restored good relations for the sake of their daughter. Ulyana Dobrovskaya was educated in France, and is now filming for magazines and acting in films of her mother. Now Renata Litvinova is releasing the film "The North Wind", in which Ulyana Dobrovskaya performed Fanny.


Renata Litvinova and Leonid Dobrovsky

For a long time, nothing was known about Renata Litvinova's personal life, except for her many years of friendship with Zemfira. But a month ago, the actress admitted that a new fan appeared in her life - a millionaire from France.


Leonid Dobrovsky with his daughter


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