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WEDDINGS: Natalia Vodianova spoke about postponing the wedding with Antoine Arnault The celebration is postponed for a year.


Coronavirus has already canceled for an indefinite period the wedding ceremonies of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Emma Stone and Dave McKeri, and now it has become known that the list includes Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault. Earlier, the media reported on the possible transfer of their wedding, and now the model personally confirmed this in a new video interview with Russian Vogue. To the question of Masha Fedorova, where would she be in mid-May, if not for quarantine, Natalia answered: “Perhaps at my bachelorette party.” After checking the diary, she confirmed that she was not mistaken - the bachelorette party was supposed to go this weekend in Costa Rica.

But it did not work out, although it seems to me that everything turned out as it should. I do not want to look to the future, because it always scares me. God forbid, everything will work out and stop in some situation with which the world can cope and we can remain positive.

Then Masha asked Natalia about the wedding dress:

All the fittings were postponed, the wedding dress should have been ready, because the wedding was planned in a month. And if everything went as it was, then I would already try on a wedding dress. We postponed the celebration for exactly one year, because I don’t want to change the scenario that we have been carrying for a long time and what we dreamed about.... for me this is not a problem. Antoine said: "Maybe in the fall?" But I: "No, no, we are waiting for the summer calmly." I hope that by that time the situation will be clear and everything will return to normal rhythm.

Back in February, Natalia slightly opened the veil of secrecy about her wedding in an interview with the Spanish ELLE:

We will get married very soon, and this will be a great celebration for about 300 guests. I admit honestly, in France they are used to celebrations an order of magnitude larger, so there will definitely be those who call our ceremony modest.

According to media reports, the couple’s wedding was to take place at an estate in the Champagne region.

Recall that Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault met in 2007, and started dating only in 2011. In May 2014, their first common son, Maxim, was born, and in June 2016, Roman. Prior to this, the model was married to aristocrat Justin Portman. The model gave birth to three children: daughter Neva (March 2006) and sons Lucas (December 2001) and Victor (September 2007).

Antoine made a marriage proposal to Natalia in early 2019, but the couple decided to tell the world about it only on January 1, 2020.


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