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Tina Kunakey spends time with a young man after her divorce from Vincent Cassel




Tina Kunakey, whose separation from Vincent Cassel became known in April, was seen in the company of an unknown young man. The 26-year-old model behaved with him as if they had more than friendly relations.

Tina was flirting with her date on the street next to the restaurant. She hugged his neck and did not hide when she noticed that they were being photographed. Kunakey's new alleged boyfriend is being discussed on telegram. "Tina Kunaki, after a divorce from 56-year-old Vincent Cassel, expectedly found herself a young body. And rightly so!" - writes the telegram channel.



The media reported on the separation of Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunaki in early April. "They broke up a few weeks ago. Tina is heartbroken," a source close to the couple said at the time.

Problems in the relationship of the couple on the network became known after Tina Kunakey did not post joint photos with her husband for several weeks. At the same time, earlier the couple constantly shared photos on social networks in which they are captured together . Recently, Kunakey has posted only frames from photo shoots, and Cassel talked about his new films.


Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel /

Shortly after the breakup rumors, fans began to vigorously discuss their separation. On the actor's instagram, the fans began to express support for Vincent and rejoice that he is now free. A lot of comments were in Russian: netizens wrote that they were ready to come to the actor, since he is now free. “Finally divorced, I’m going to you,” one of the fans wrote under the last photo of Cassel on the social network at that time. Someone hoped that now Vincent Cassel would reunite with his ex-wife Monica Bellucci: this couple, although they have not been together for a long time, is still idolized and considered one of the most beautiful in the film industry. Monica herself, by the way, is now dating director Tim Burton.

Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey  themselves did not comment on the rumors about the breakup. They got married in 2018, two years after they met. In 2019, their daughter Amazonie was born . Their marriage was often criticized in the media because of the 30-year age difference: Tina Kunakey is now 26 years old, Vincent Cassel is 56 years old.



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