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The producer revealed the truth about Polina Gagarina's romance with a married hockey player



After the divorce from her second husband Dmitry Iskhakov, the personal life of Polina Gagarina haunts her fans and colleagues in show business. First, there were rumors about the artist's romance with her sound producer Vladimir Chinyaev. However, not so long ago, information surfaced about the connection of the performer with the famous hockey player Andrei Mukhachev. The spice of gossip is given by the fact that the man is married.

Polina Gagarina tries not to talk about her personal life. She did not comment on the details of the recent divorce from Dmitry Iskakhov, the star is silent about the new romance. Meanwhile, rumors about the love relationship of the 33-year-old vocalist almost every day are getting bigger and bigger.

At first, the name of the lucky one was kept secret for a long time. But recently, pictures from the alleged date of the singer and sound producer Vladimir Chinyaev were released. Not much is known about Chinyayev. He is married and has two children.

However, as it turned out, Polina's lover was not Vladimir at all in the end . Producer Olesya Sazykina told the details of the celebrity's romance with the famous hockey player Andrei Mukhachev. He is a two-time Russian champion and a two-time Gagarin Cup winner as part of Ak Bars Kazan.

After leaving the sport, Mukhachev moved into show business. He is currently the concert director of Gagarina. “I myself guessed that Chinyaev could not be with Polina and gossip about their relationship was complete nonsense,” - Sazykina says.

However, according to Olesya, her friend sent Polina's correspondence with her 40-year-old director. “She has been very close to Andryusha for a long time. So it’s not surprising that out of jealousy, Polina’s ex-husband didn’t let her daughter go abroad,” Sazykina is quoted as saying by Sobesednik.Ru . According to Olesya, it was Mukhachev who was on holidays with Gagarina in the Maldives . "For the sake of curiosity, I went to Mukhachev's Instagram and found that he was just there at the same time with Gagarina and posted pictures from the same place. True, his wife, with whom he has two children, was there too. "Express Gazeta quotes Sazykina.


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