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Interrupted silence: Polina Gagarina’s husband commented on the divorce


Photographer Dmitry Iskhakov denied the fact of a divorce with singer Polina Gagarina. While the performer herself is silent on a topic that excites fans, the man clarified the situation in the comments of his Instagram account.

The husband of singer Polina Gagarina, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, for the first time commented on rumors of a divorce. Up to this point, the star couple preferred to ignore numerous questions on this topic. However, Iskhakov’s Instagram account followers managed to get a short revelation from him.

“We didn’t get divorced,” the photographer replied to one of the users of the social network.

However, Iskhakov fuels interest in what is happening in his personal life. So, he dedicated a provocative verse to women, responding to which, fans even more firmly believed that “there is no smoke without fire” in the family of celebrities.

“There are women-mothers, they are patient, // Wives-friends, cheerful and playful, // I have met women aggressors more than once, I’ll stretch my ass, // Rescue ladies: very anxious, // Timid maidens: very careful // Passionate girls: sex terrorists, // Shy: blush at the sight of a sausage, // Female cats and female mice, // Fitonyashki, daisies and just babies, // Women snakes: strangle at times, / / Bunnies [love] to sparks from the eyes, // There are women-women, there are women-yagis, // There are witches, and just hags. // Boybabs, lesbukhs, business ladies, confused, // Princesses, beauties, semi-secular ladies, // And you are not living, and you can’t live without you, // And what don’t you do, everything is wrong with you. // It was a sinful thing to think that the matter was in me, // To fall in love not with a woman? And why not ... "- published the spouse of the star on his blog.

Most of the subscribers liked Iskhakov’s creativity and sense of humor. He was asked to remain “in the thinning ranks of real men” and assured that if the rumors of a divorce are still true - he will not be allowed to grieve for a long time.

“Well, Dima, you can’t give such charisma to men”; “Why such“ ”depressive verses, can life really be so [bad]”; "Something strange has been happening to you lately ... I'm sorry ..."; "Bravo! Great poem! I see that the Muse is not leaving you. You’ve been writing a lot lately! ” ; “Smacks of sexism. I like it! ”, Users of the social network commented.

Gagarina herself continues to remain silent on the topic of a quarrel with her husband. The other day, the performer went to work in St. Petersburg. In her blog, the artist noted that she was very homesick for this city. At this time, the father is watching the little daughter.

According to media reports, the main reason for the disagreement between the spouses is completely prosaic: the singer earns several times more than the husband of the photographer, despite the fact that competent PR through the union with the star helped Iskhakov achieve the high cost of his services. Even a large number of orders from private clients and large companies do not bring his fees close to Gagarina’s income. According to the latest Forbes rating, over the past year Gagarin earned 377 million rubles. According to experts, one advertising contract with Gagarina’s participation starts at 14 million rubles, and a custom concert will cost about 3.5 million rubles.

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