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The love story of Natalia Oreiro, which she keeps secret


Today, on May 19, the actress and singer celebrates her birthday, and we take this opportunity to tell little-known facts from her biography.

Natalia Oreiro always seems open and fun. It seems that all the sorrows and hardships of this world bypass her, and the star of the “Wild Angel”, like her on-screen heroines, emerges victorious from any situation. But in fact, the actress, like most women of the whole world, knows feelings, anxieties and even depression ... And, of course, not from scratch. And because of personal life.

Natalia Oreiro met her first love, actor Pablo Echarri in 1995 on the set of the series “Defiant Heart”. Then she was 18, and he was 26. She just moved from her native Uruguay to Buenos Aires and took her first steps into an independent life, and he has long been a local celebrity and one of the most coveted men in Latin America. In addition, Buenos Aires was his hometown, and working in the series was not an innovation, but a familiar thing. Not surprisingly, it was not difficult for him to conquer young Natalia. In an interview, Oreiro admitted that in the first second he rather impudently tried to flirt with her, but she did not resist. “I immediately fell in love with him. And then she accepted the invitation to ride around the city in his car. ”

Natalia Oreiro Photo Getty Images

After some time, Echarri and Oreiro began to live together. And at this time, Natalia’s career also went uphill, she became no less popular than her boyfriend. Fans of the couple were waiting for their wedding, or at least an engagement announcement. But the lovers were immersed in work and, it seems, did not plan to tie their relationship by marriage. Or, perhaps, Pablo simply did not make a marriage proposal ... And then, after six years of civil marriage, something completely went wrong.

Pablo Echarri PhotoGetty Images

At a press conference, the journalist's question about marriage confused Natalia, and she admitted that their love with Pablo Echarri had passed, they were no longer together. The actress tried to talk about the former lover with a smile, but everyone knew that she was very worried about this. True, the star does not discuss the cause of the gap so far. “It was our joint decision,” she often repeats.

Nevertheless, after a relationship with Echarri, Natalia Oreiro was alone for a long time. She devoted all her time to her career and said that she had no time to start a family. But her ex-lover went to events with unknown beauties, and then announced a wedding with actress Nancy Duplaa (by the way, they still live together and raise two children).

Fortunately, everything worked out in Natalia Oreiro’s life: in 2002, she married to the 44-year-old leader of the rock band Divididos, Ricardo Mollo. They met in a yoga class and for a long time were just friends. But at one point it became clear that both were experiencing feelings for each other, so that friendship grew into a romance. After 10 years, the couple had a son, who was named Merlin Atahualpa. And only a couple of years ago, the actress found the strength to start talking about her old first love ...


PhotoNatalia with her husband Ricardo Mollo

“After breaking up with Pablo, I was very worried, I can even say that I was in a long depression. And I do not know what would happen to me if it were not for the meeting with my future husband. He managed to get me out of this condition. And now I understand that only he is the love of my life, ”Natalia said frankly on the show“ Alone with everyone. ”

By the way, in honor of their love, Oreiro and her husband instead of wedding rings made tattoos on their ring fingers. But the tattoo in the form of an infinity sign on the leg, which, according to some assumptions, Natalia dedicated to her first love, had to be converted into a pink wreath of flowers.


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