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She is 43 years old, and he is 63. What does Natalia Oreiro's only husband look like?


Let's talk today about the personal life of the popular Uruguayan actress and singer Natalia Oreiro.

Natalia Oreiro's husband is 20 years older than her. However, this age difference does not affect their family in any way. Ricardo Mollo, unlike his wife, is not a famous actor. In Latin America, he is one of the brightest rock stars. Ricardo was born in Argentina, where he became the leader of the Divididos group.


Ricardo Mollo's elder brother, now a famous tango performer, became a guide to the world of music.

If for Natalia Oreiro Ricardo is the first and only husband, then for Ricardo this is not the first marriage.

The first wife of the musician was a bright representative of rock in Argentina - Erica Garcia.


She gave birth to two children. It is worth noting that Erica and Ricardo officially got married after the birth of their children in 1989. After 10 years, rock musicians parted ways.

In 2001, Ricardo Mollo started an affair with the incredible beauty Natalia Oreiro.

The acquaintance between them happened at the yoga section, which they both attended with great enthusiasm. Here Natalia Oreiro got rid of severe depression after breaking up with her lover Pablo Echarri.

On December 31, 2001, Ricardo and Natalia got married in secret. It is worth noting that the lovers were very original and instead of traditional wedding rings, they stuffed tattoos on their ring fingers. In January 2012, a long-awaited son was born into a happy family.


At one time there were rumors that the actress was cheating on her aging husband. But these turned out to be only the works of evil tongues. Now the family lives in joy and understanding, which can be confirmed by joint photographs on social networks of celebrities.


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