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The Bachelor finalist Katya Safarova was caught with a new boyfriend



Katya Safarova forgot about Timati and has fun with a new guy. The media claim that she is dating crypto trader Christopher Yashchinsky. 

The winner of "The Bachelor" with Timati Katya Safarova left the rapper a few weeks ago and returned to Spain. Now neither Timati nor Safarova are trying to create the appearance that they are a couple.

Apparently, Safarova can create a couple with another man. According to PeopleTalk , she appeared in the stories of handsome millionaire Christopher Yashchinsky, a popular blogger and cryptocurrency trader. He tagged her account on several romantic videos.

“I breathe you,” he wrote in one of his last posts.



Katya Safarova forgot about Timati and has fun with a new guy

As noted by the publication, in one of the videos, Christopher is being massaged, and although the masseuse did not get into the frame, Yashchinsky tagged her account. Now the young man is a dollar millionaire, his fortune is estimated at 25 million.

Not a single member of this love triangle has commented on their relationship in any way.




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