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Singer Vitas became a father for the third time


42-year-old singer Vitas and his 36-year-old wife Svetlana Grankovskaya became parents for the third time. The artist shared this good news with fans on his Instagram yesterday. Vitas published the first video with a newborn daughter, in the caption to which he said her name and date of birth:

Meet Alice! 05/18/2021. 

In the video, Vitas holds his little daughter in his arms during a walk and looks at her with tenderness. The birth of the baby was a surprise not only for the singer's fans, but also for his stellar colleagues.


Vitas with his newborn daughter Alice 

The fact is that she and her husband did not advertise Svetlana's pregnancy. However, a week ago, the singer hinted to his followers about addition to the family. Then he posted a video in which he stands with a baby carriage, and briefly captioned it: "Happiness."

After the appearance of the youngest daughter in the family, Vitas became a father with many children. With his wife Svetlana, whose marriage has lasted for about 20 years, he also brings up 12-year-old daughter Alla and six-year-old son Maxim. Vitas does not often talk about the family, but from time to time he publishes cute photos and videos with his wife and children on his instagram, accompanying them with declarations of love.


Vitas with his wife Svetlana 


Vitas with his son Maxim and daughter Alla 


Vitas' son Maxim and his daughter Alla

Recall that Vitas became famous throughout the country at the beginning of the 2000s with his hits "Opera No. 2" and "The Seventh Element". Over time, the singer's popularity on the Russian stage faded away, while he managed to become a real star outside our country. So, in China , Vitas' falsetto is so admired that in 2009 he was even awarded the title of People's Artist.


Vitas Vitas

In Russia, Vitas has acquired a rather scandalous reputation in recent years.

In 2013, he hit a cyclist in his car in Moscow, after which it turned out that he got behind the wheel without a license - their singer was deprived of a few years earlier for drunk driving. Then the artist managed to get off with a fine of 100 thousand rubles.

In 2018, Vitas was again at the center of a scandal. Then he opened fire from a starting pistol in the courtyard of his house on Rublevka. Victims were avoided, while the singer received seven days of arrest, which he served in a special detention center.



Vitas Vitas with his wife Svetlana 

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