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"I decided to steal her": Vitas remembered how he won the love of his future wife


According to the singer, he fell in love with Svetlana at first sight.

On February 19, Vitas turns 42. At one time he was considered an alien or "descendant of Ichthyander", and thanks to the correct PR, the artist's counter-tenor sounded from every iron.

Many years have passed since then: the repertoire, the image and Vitaly Grachev himself have changed - this is the name of the singer in life. The performer has long been considered an exemplary family man, but few people know that Vitas literally stole his future wife.

He met his future wife Svetlana in the theater of musical comedy: the artist performed, and the girl stood behind the scenes.

“I realized that this is not a myth, not a fantasy, and that love at first sight exists. I could not live without Sveta for ten minutes. But I had to leave, and I decided to steal her, ”admitted Vitas in the program“ We Speak and Show ”on NTV .

The abduction was successful. The artist managed to avoid finding out the relationship with the girl's parents and checking passports on the train: the customs officers simply walked past Vitas and Svetlana, mistaking the girl for one of the daughters of a woman sitting in the carriage. Subsequently, he many times asked for forgiveness from his mother-in-law and father-in-law for his rash act.

Later, the girl's family was able to make sure that the intentions of the celebrity boyfriend were serious. The lovers got married, in 2008 they had a daughter, Alla, and seven years later, a son, Maxim.

Over the years of marriage, the singer never gave his wife a reason for jealousy and suspicion.

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