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Renata Litvinova is dating a French millionaire

Renata Litvinova

54-year-old Renata Litvinova became the heroine of the February issue of Tatler magazine, which went on sale yesterday. The formal reason is the imminent premiere of her new film "North Wind" (it will be released on February 6), but the material seems to be about not only creativity, but also a little about her personal life.

At least in the text, written by film critic Zinaida Pronchenko, Litvinova's beloved, a certain French millionaire, is mentioned.

Renata Litvinova

Yes, the goddess is ready to love again. Renata has a new cavalier from the crème de la crème, from the privileged caste of French millionaires, the owner of castles and hotels and, probably, newspapers and steamers. Monsieur X, who opened for her in the midst of a pandemic the legendary kaviar restaurant on the Madeleine dance, is described in the article by Renata's chosen one.

The actress and director also intrigued her followers with a new interview, urging them to read the material. We read Zinaida Pronchenko about me and about cinema, about the most secret and unexpected, sometimes even peacekeeping, - wrote Renata.

Рената Литвинова

Recall that Litvinova was married twice. In 1996, she married producer Alexander Antipov, but family life lasted only a year. Her next chosen one was businessman Leonid Dobrovsky, from whom Renata gave birth to a daughter, Ulyana. The marriage with Dobrovsky lasted six years and ended in 2007. Litvinova never spoke in detail about the reasons for the separation, as well as about her personal life in general after that. In recent years, journalists suspected that Renata was romantically involved with the singer Zemfira. Litvinova herself made it clear that she was connected with Zemfira by close but friendly relations.

Renata Litvinova and Zemfira

I think that Zemfira is such a gift. You treat a person as a kind of gift that was given to you in life, - Renata commented in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak.


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