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Renata Litvinova Criticized the Russian Men

Famous actress of theater and cinema Renata Litvinova criticized Russian men for their behavior. The actress and director Renata Litvinova spoke harshly about the behavior of Russian men in everyday life. According to the movie star, they demonstrate disrespectful attitude towards women.  

Litvinova made this statement during her creative evening in Yekaterinburg. 

According to the actress, she does not like that men in Russia will never stand up if a woman comes into the room or somewhere else. Renata Litvinova noticed that young Englishmen always give their seat to her.

Litvinova noted that she is not satisfied with the behavior of the stronger sex in Russia. "It's such a horrible way: you enter the room, and the younger generation will not stand up, as they did before. When I enter the room, and there are young Englishmen sitting there, they stand up. Russian boys - never", - said the actress.

Litvinova also criticized the male sex for their love to sit, spreading their legs wide apart. According to the famous actress, it looks very ugly. 

"They sit so awfully. Why they sit with their legs farther apart? It's not beautiful".

After that, she turned to the men gathered at the creative evening and asked them:

"Men, do not get your legs that wide".

After these comments, the actress toldfor several hours about the roles in the cinema and her career. She noted that during theatrical institute she was disliked by fat women aged 40 and always defended by men.

Renata Litvinova  

Earlier in the interview, Litvinova said that there is a demographic crisis in Russia: many women and few men.

"Women are compelled to fight for them. The competition is so high that after a certain age, forty years, a woman is not even taken into consideration", - the star said then.


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