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Polina Maksimova on her relationship with her boyfriend


Polina Maximova is in a relationship with her colleague Egor Koreshkov. True, sometimes a couple have disagreements, for example, over repairs. During this process, according to the artist, it is better not to approach her. Polina Maximova and Egor live together, and sometimes lovers have quarrels of an everyday plan. The situation is especially tense when it comes to renovation.

“I made repairs in my apartment. And now we live outside the city and are in a state of repair. So the Texas chain saw massacre is in full swing: arguing over the color of the walls in the living room and the tiles in the bathroom. I love the classic English style, and Yegor is a fan of the modern. Sometimes you have to find a compromise. We still cannot choose the sockets. It turns out that this is a very difficult question - the purchase of sockets, lamps, doors, especially when the choice is huge. A lot of time and effort is spent on trips to hardware stores. We have already passed all the stages: denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance. But, on the other hand, we are equipping our life, a house in which both should be comfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to show wisdom, tact and mutual understanding, to seek balance, "admitted the 31-year-old blonde.


Maksimova does not hide the fact that she and Koreshkov are very different, despite their common profession. All this, by the way, has a positive effect on the relations of the actors.

“Can you imagine how boring it would be to always have the same opinion? I am even alarmed when people agree on everything, there is some kind of giveaway game. There is neither personality nor position in this. Yegor and I have correct creative arguments, and sometimes truth is born in them. Sometimes we even manage to convince each other. It is useful and curious to know a different point of view. Or when we are discussing the books we have read ... ”Polina reasoned in an interview for WomanHit.


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