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Natalia Vodianova's mother compared the ex-husband of the supermodel with the current one: "Antoine is stricter"



Mom of Natalia Vodianova compared the ex-husband of the supermodel with the current one: "Antoine is stricter"

One of the heroines of the last issue of "Tonight" with Maxim Galkin was the mother of 39-year-old model Natalia Vodianova Larisa. On the show, she opened up and talked about her daughter, including her personal life.


Mother of Natalia Vodianova Larisa

The theme of the program sounded like "Modern Cinderella: The Road To Happiness". And Vodianova in many ways repeated the fate of the famous fairytale heroine. She grew up in a simple family in Nizhny Novgorod, until she was accidentally noticed by a modeling agent. She soon became a successful global model. Her life was also successful on a personal level: her first husband was the British aristocrat Justin Portman, from whom she gave birth to three children. Her second husband is Antoine Arnault, the son of the richest man in Europe - billionaire Bernard Arnault, who owns the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy group of companies.


Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault

In the program, the model's mother compared her daughter's two husbands - the former and the current one - and said which of them she liked best.

He (Antoine Arnault. - Ed.) Is more strict than Justin. He loves the regime very much, goes to bed on time. On one of the last trips to them, we talked with my daughter, he comes up to us and says so quietly: "It's time already." And it was 10 pm.

Outwardly, I like Justin more. Justin won me over when he came to meet us in Nizhny Novgorod. We then still lived in a one-room apartment, and he is a real aristocrat. I was very worried, trembling, did not know what to do. But he had no disgust for our housing and our Oksana (the younger sister of Natalia Vodianova, who was born with a severe form of autism and cerebral palsy. - Ed.), - she said openly.

Larisa Vodianova added that they do not communicate with Justin Portman. In her opinion, he was offended by their family. 


Natalia Vodianova has been married to Justin Portman for nine years. Larisa Vodianova also shared her opinion on the reasons for their separation.

I think it's just that Natasha developed in terms of her career, and in Justin's family no one really worked. And she just got bored with him, - she said.


Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault with their son Roman

Soon after her divorce from her first spouse, Natalia Vodianova began dating Antoine Arnault. According to him, the model won him over from their first meeting. At first, they hid their romance, because they did not want to attract attention. Well, then they began to appear in public as a couple.

In 2014, they had their first common son, Maxim, and two years later Natalia gave birth to another boy, whom they named Roman. Antoine Arnault made an offer to his beloved on New Year's Eve 2020, and they got married last September, modestly tied the knot at the Paris City Hall.


Natalia Vodianova with sons Lucas and Victor and daughter Neva





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