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Natalia Oreiro became a blonde



The singer radically changed her look and arranged a spicy photo session.

The star of the series "Wild Angel" Natalia Oreiro actively maintains Instagram, she often shares the results of bold photo shoots and boasts a slender figure. It is hard for fans to believe that the artist is 44 years old, because many young girls will envy her spectacular forms.

This time Natalia managed to surprise the fans not only with a spicy outfit, but also with a radical change of her look. For the first time, she changed her natural brown hair color to wheat blonde.


Oreiro was captured with long loose curls. She tried on a scarlet jacket with a dizzying neckline and a cutout on the back, as well as matching trousers. The artist almost made a fashionable embarrassment, and the fans were able to see her graceful forms. “Hello blonde! Dream image! " - As it turned out, Natalia chose blond for a reason.

The artist decided on a bold beauty transformation for the role of the first lady of Argentina, Eva Peron. The life story of the wife of the country's president, Juan Perón, has been interesting for lovers of conspiracy theories for many years, because she lived a short but bright and eventful life, and her image still generates various disputes.

Earlier, Madonna appeared as Evita in the eponymous musical "Efita", and in various film adaptations her role was played by actresses Faye Dunaway, Andrea del Boca and others. Now Oreiro will shine as a spectacular blonde on the screen. Photo: @nataliaoreirosoy 



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