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Lily-Rose Depp shows off her new look

Lily-Rose Depp is a natural blonde and she has never dyed her hair. Lily-Rose herself wanted changes and yesterday decided to come up with new looks: the fatal brunette, the red-haired girlfriend of a biker and a retro. For the model it was just a joke, but quite a few stars get out of these stores with quite successful purchases - the wig has already won the title of the beloved beauty trick this summer. 

The young actress and the muse of Karl Lagerfeld Lily-Rose Depp does not usually experiment with appearance. She simply does not need that: blonde hair and a harmonious combination of the best features of the mother and father have been a win-win for several years. However, today the 18-year-old girl still decided to come up with a new look.

In the last photo shared to Instagram, Lily-Rose is seen with long dark red hair. Depp did not dare to dye her hair and just tried on a wig. In just a couple of hours the picture got almost 75,000 likes.

Recall that Lily-Rose Depp first appeared at the Chanel show in April 2015. There the girl was noticed by the creative director of the French fashion house Karl Lagerfeld. Now the girl regularly participates in the Chanel fashion shows and in the cinema: she got the role of Isadora Duncan in the film "Dancer" and the role in the "Planetarium" with Natalie Portman.

Lily-Rose Depp




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