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8 beauty facts about Lily-Rose Depp


The daughter of American sex symbol Johnny Depp and French model and actress Vanessa Paradis is already quite big - she turned 20. And what do we know about her, except that she looks like her mother, works as a model and suffered from anorexia? We have collected for you interesting facts about the young beauty, the heiress of two famous actors of our time.

Fact number 1. Collaboration with fashion houses

Lily-Rose works closely with the Chanel brand. She not only advertises the fragrance N ° 5 L'Eau, but also recently appeared in an advertisement for the Chanel J12 watch. Until his death, Karl Lagerfeld considered Lily-Rose one of his muses.

By the way, once, in the 1990s, Vanessa Paradis herself was his muse. She gave her daughter her fragility and languid look. Lily-Rose herself said that she was happy to be the face of her beloved brand, because her mother gave her the first set of cosmetics from Chanel for her 12th birthday.


And this is how Vanessa Paradis looked in her youth.


Fact number 2. Good genes

Lily-Rose strikingly resembles her mother - even their height and build are the same, both are 160 centimeters tall and weigh less than 45 kilograms. True, a few years ago Lily-Rose suffered from anorexia, which she honestly admits now. But the girl claims that everything is in the past, and thinness is the merit of genes. “I am very worried about what people say about my anorexia. I spent a lot of energy to overcome my illness. I ran into her when I was very little, it was difficult for me to fight. Everyone who has ever encountered this ailment understands me. They know how difficult it is to get back to normal after anorexia. All my adult life I have been trying to overcome the disease and I am very proud of the results that I have already achieved ”. She is not very fond of sports, she likes to do yoga according to her mood and sometimes eats fast food.


Fact number 3.

Bad habits In one interview, Lily-Rose admitted that she could not get rid of the habit of biting her nails.

Fact number 4. Face care

The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis preserves her beauty from a young age, adhering to several "golden" rules:

  • thoroughly cleanses the skin before and after sleep, always washing off cosmetics on time;
  • twice a day, morning and evening, applies a moisturizer to previously cleansed skin;
  • her make-up artist Christophe Danshaud applies Chanel Hydra Beauty Sèrum to her face before makeup, followed by Hydra Beauty Flash Instantly Hydrating Perfecting Balm.

Fact number 5. Makeup

For makeup, Lily-Rose tries to use certain "tricks" and has her own preferences in the choice of cosmetics:

  • she carefully draws the contour of the lips with a pencil before applying lipstick or gloss;
  • prefers lip gloss, but not sticky, especially peach shades;
  • the blush is applied not to the cheekbones, but to the cheeks closer to the nose line, in place of the natural blush. She also applies blush to the movable eyelid and under the eyebrow to hide signs of fatigue and brighten the look.


Fact number 6. Public position

Several years ago, the young daughter of Depp and Paradis confessed to her non-traditional sexual orientation, after which she was credited with an affair with model Stella Maxwell. Perhaps the opinion of the then still very young girl was influenced by her environment.


Fact number 7. Hair and styling

The girl admits that she loves her natural hair color and is not going to dye it in a different shade. Usually Lil-Rose goes with her hair loose or gathers it in a bun. She has wigs for experimentation.


Fact number 8. Clothing style

In everyday life, Lily-Rose prefers simple outfits: T-shirts with shorts, jeans (often ripped), a black backpack, sneakers or platform sandals. She complements the look with cowboy-style hats, scarves, and other accessories.

But at social events, Johnny Depp's daughter looks very impressive.


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