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Jared Leto live on Instagram danced to the song of Verka Serduchka


The 48-year-old American musician and actor Jared Leto in the mode of self-isolation especially often broadcasts live on Instagram. The artist communicates with different users of this social network and absolutely everyone can get into the broadcast to the singer. For example, yesterday, Jared saw an unusual request from a group of tickers from Russia for a joint broadcast. A team of bloggers called Dream_team_house connected to the air in the 30th minute. At first, the frontman of the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars thought that the guys were celebrating someone's birthday, as nine people gathered at the camera. But it turned out that they are friends who live together in the same house and shoot comic clips for TikTok. Moreover, the videos of the guys get several million views.

Live Jared Leto, in which he sings Verka Serduchka's song.

The musician asked the bloggers to teach him some kind of dance in order to also become a star of this social network. Dream_team_house offered to repeat after them the movements to the song of Verka Serduchka "Everything will be fine." Jared Leto agreed. And the world famous musician spoke Russian and promised that when he arrived in Russia, he would give tickets to his group of bloggers for his concert. True, because of the pandemic, it is not yet known exactly when this event will occur.

“We wrote to Jared Leto a long time ago about what we want to do with him. As a result, he noticed our direct messages and agreed. Yesterday he spent his next broadcast, and we sent him tons of comments, requests, but he ignored them. I decided to go from my personal page, because I have a checkmark on Instagram, and the likelihood that they will notice me has increased. As a result, he almost instantly accepted the request. Only one of us spoke in English - Artem Waterfork. Jared told us something in response in Russian, and in response to this, we taught him our trend with Serdyuchka, ”said Dream_Team_House participant Anya Pokrov to the Afisha Daily publication.

Jared Leto Leto published a broadcast and left a team of tickers on the screen saver - perhaps the guys are going to a new level. And the song of Verka Serduchka is now known to all fans of the Thirty Seconds to Mars group.

This is not the first time that Jared Leto is socializing with Russian bloggers. Last time, Nastya Ivleeva spoke with the actor, who promised to invite the musician to her show on YouTube. The actress herself did not expect, communicating with fans on the air, that Jared Leto himself would appear in front of her and she was surprised by this. The rock musician, in turn, expressed a desire to participate in AGENT SHOW, her author’s project on YouTube. The actor noted that he would soon come to Russia and become a guest in Ivan Urgant's show “Evening Urgant”. Anastasia was delighted with this idea and noted that she would be happy to host the musician in her show, of course, after improving the epidemiological situation in the world.

Live Jared Leto and Nastya Ivleeva


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