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Nastya Ivleeva's phenomenon. 10 facts about the girl from the village who conquered Russia


How did a simple girl become one of the most popular Russian bloggers? Why did she do so well on YouTube? How did Nastya Ivleeva's career decline? We will find out all this in this article, we will tell you the 10 most interesting facts about this girl and show the 10 best photos of the blogger.

Early career

Nastya Ivleeva's career was very diverse. At first, the girl did not work in the most prestigious institutions. She was a manicurist, Later she moved to a car dealership, worked there as a manager, but even then she was not particularly interested. Now, she is the star that is shown on TV every day. 


The first million

The first million Nastya did not earn immediately, as she started a channel on the YouTube video platform and on Instagram. But she attracted followers day after day. Now, even for filming in advertising, she receives as much as 3 million rubles.


What brought fame?

As a TV presenter, Nastya Ivleeva became famous no less than a blogger. She hosted the program "Heads and Tails", about travel, which is interesting to watch, even for non-fans of the heroine of the article. She started a blog on the social network Instagram 7 years ago. This idea was suggested to her by Arseny Borodin, the lead singer of the Chelsea group.



What did Ivleeva dream about as a child? Millions of Instagram fans, YouTube subscribers and tons of money? Not. The answer is not correct. It sounds strange, but when she did not know that she would become a celebrity, Nastya really wanted to become a janitor ... But, it seems, she didn't want to.



Not all photos of Nastya Ivleeva show freckles on her face. Perhaps she believes that it spoils her beauty. But we have heard more than once that the photo shown below is the most beautiful in the gallery. How do you like this photo? 


Awards and Achievements

A girl at the age of 29 has received many awards and achievements. Among the awards, it is worth noting the silver and gold YouTube buttons, for 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers, respectively, as well as the TEFI award. Achievements can be considered the fact that she is one of the most popular women in the country.


Who does she cooperate with?

What celebrities does Nastya Ivleeva collaborate with? First, with the aforementioned Arseny Borodin. She also starred in the video for Dima Bilan and in advertising for Beeline. Sometimes her voice can be heard on New Radio, where she hosts the "Higher League" program. 


About personal life

Until 2017, Ivleeva met with the same Borodin. Now her husband is the idol of millions of listeners - Aljay, whom she has known since 2018. It is worth noting that the girl's birthday fell on March 8th. 


Why did her career decline?

Recently, the blogger and TV presenter began to noticeably lose fans.

It is possible that due to the overestimation of herself. Nastya often takes selfies that show that she is the best in the world.



Ivleeva is beautiful?

Do you think this girl is beautiful? According to Maxim magazine, which annually publishes the 100 most beautiful women in Russia, in 2017, she took 9th place, and already in the next - 3rd place. So, after all, she is beautiful, although not everyone agrees with this.


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